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onsdag 18 februari 2015

Your King Fantasy

This is my forth site of those under my Blue Sky. It used to be my last, or seventh, but then I rearranged the order so this one and the one before was moved up and put after the Elfen site. I've changed the order several times and I hope this is the one I will like as it gets boring remembering to update everywhere. The reason I changed it was cause I link from my Green World and I didn't like that some sites were linked together. All the time I've linked my Queen-site with my home, Lyckebo, which makes sense as I'm the Queen of my home. But then I changed the order in my Green World so my Friend-site didn't come next and there the mess began. Now my second Blue site is my Elfen-site and I like that linked to my site on mothers, as it's always been. In my Green World I now have my four sites about my children after my family-site and I wish them to have links to suitable Blue Sky sites. My oldest daughter first got a link to my Lady-site, but I like that linked to my Friend-site, so now I changed so she, as a young pretty woman, instead got her linked up with my Nymph-site. She's way too young to be a lady yet, and she loves art and music, which is the theme on the Nymph-site. This Your King Fantasy is now linked to my oldest son's site, which fits him better then the Faery-site. So the Nymph-site and this King-site were the two I had to move up so my oldest children would get better links. I believe my son much rather be associated with kings and ancient kingdoms, then pretty little fairies and baby angels, so his little sister got that link instead. My younger son got to keep his link to my Angel-site, as those angels are pretty young women and not that many little cute ones. 

So now I've described to you the tale of how and why I keep changing the order of my sites, and also a good reason why I will not do it again, as it sure must be as good as it gets now. I hope to be able to keep my sites up and I'm very afraid it will be impossible for individuals to have personally selfmade websites like this in the future as everything keeps changing. That is the one thing I utterly hate with this human-made world, that it keeps changing so much. Once you've taught yourself one way of doing things, bought some cool stuff and just gotten the hang of it that tech is no more. Suddenly you have loads of junk at home with tapes and machines that is too old to use. You've made lots of stuff on them you cannot see anymore. I hate it so much I rather do things in reality at this moment as when I build something in my real garden it will stay in my garden. The most satisfaction is to actually create something in real life as these crazy people changing everything cannot do anything about that. Well, unless they spray until all the trees and plants die and I have a desert instead. Which seems like it's their plan. I hope not, however, as this life would be unbarable without a living planet to live on and to have nature to walk in. That is kind of what this site also is about, enchanted places. According to ancient tales we've made a mess of this world before, and high civilizations has vanished and been forgotten.
In these tales it's the stupidity and arrogance of mankind that finish the societies, but there are plenty of other causes aswell, that seem to be connected to cosmic events. Every cycle of the great cosmic year it's said to repeat itself just like an ordinary Earth year with spring, summer, autumn and winter. The records says that 12 000 years ago a huge catastrof occured and that it coinciding with when the tales say Atlantis vanished under the water. So the Great Year is something like 24 000 years or something, and during that period there are thousands years of winter and there is where Earth has been now for a very long time, the tale says. This means that we've been suffering the worst horrors imagined for a very long time, and I mean truly horrible things. The counciousness of mankind has been so degenerated and poorly we've more or less fed on each other, litterary. Either people have been trying to rip each others property and wealth off, using each others labor and sucking the life out of others for their own sake, or they've killed and tortured and done even groser things to each other. I could go on and on about the nastyness that's been festering this past Age on the planet and it's not a pretty tale at all. It's hard to know really when it started, when it was at it's worst and if it's even gotten any better. For some it might and for others hell on Earth is still just another Monday.

In my own opinion there are always good people on Earth, but the worse energy we let in, the less can live as they wish to in their good intentions. That is due to the influence of the lower energies, the so called demonic energies. I was listening awhile back about Europe during the 100 year war and what bestowed the people there during that time. It was exactly how you would imagine Hell to be like and nothing else. Warlords were selfishly ravishing the country side and burned and stole and murdered. After a generation of this madness there were no point for the younger generations to keep up trying to re-build their ancestors hard work, which the plunderers had destroyed within a day that had took them generations to build up. So the younger generations were either joining the waring tribes, or they did other bad things to survive. The result was that nobody was building up anything to burn down, and noone was creating things to steal. The worst thing was that there were nothing being planted and grown as food, as whatever you planted was taken from you and people didn't even have seeds anymore to plant due to all the destruction. I'm talking in general form here as there might had been one odd village here or there that was spared, but according to the records vast numbers of areas was put into ashes and in many cases most people in them killed, raped and some women were taken as slaves. 
The lesson lernt was that when you let your greed rule, and you steal what you have not built up from those who have the right to the work, you will follow the road to Hell. As people were starving things got very bad, very very bad indeed. Morals dropped to ultimate lows and there were no right or wrong anymore. Even people with good hearts did things they regretted in some hunger lunacy. Many took their own lives as there were no hope for a future and they could not stand seeing their children starve to death anymore. People were hunting and eating other people and it was so horrible that there is really no other word for it then Hell on Earth. This madness was not created by nature, though there was a mini-Ice Age about this time, so perhaps something started this due to that. I am not enough knowledgeable in this, but I'm sure one can find out more if there is interest for it. During the Middle Ages it began to get colder then it's been during the Viking Age and before that. It's wellknown that changes in climate will cause more warring as people that has not prepared will go hungry and some will think stealing from others to be the solution. It is not. If your gardens did not grow as they were supposed to you have to hunt. If the wildlife isn't providing enough you have to fish. If there is not enough fish you need to work the forests for berries and plants and dig the earth for roots. There are food out there, but of some reason madness take over peoples minds.

The madness arises after centuries of living too easy off the riches of the Earth, and then the conditions changes. People don't want to adapt, and don't have the knowledge anymore to do so. During the Middle Ages the burning of witches and the wise ones began and that was the true beginning of the downfall of mankind in Europe. These were the people that knew every eatable plant, and they were persecuted. At the time of the 100 year war there sure were not many of them left, if any, and most burned by that time is said to be regular women and men. One wonders if that was not some part of the crazyness and maneating madness that went on then, as they are said to have killed millions this way. When looking back at Europes history it's no wonder the white man has done so much horrors in the world at large, nore any wonder they came up with WWI and WWII. All amounts to the same drive - to steal what is not yours instead of building and making something yourself. Cause if you look at it in detail, the person in Europe who is the farmer, or doing any other constructive work, is far less likely to get the idea to go out and plunder others out of the blue, then someone sitting idle doing nothing in a castle. The castle-guy might feel he is a bad lord who cannot bring in enough taxes from his underlings, whom are all struggling to survive, so he wants to ravish someone elses land to do better. Seldom does an hardworking honest man come up with such bullshit.
In my earlier blogs have I mentioned some of my own ancestry, if it's true that is correctly done, as I have not done the investigation myself and as I now know the person doing it is not an honest person I have not much trust in it. But I will still mention it as it might be somewhat correct, if not totally. So according to that I have a line going back from one ancestor to the rulers in many countries. It's mostly three Scandinavian countries, the Brittish Ilses - Ireland included, and also the eastern and south east parts of Europe. But also the Angels of northern Germany, that wasn't called German at the time, of course. It's from that family the word Anglo-Saxians came, as they are part of their ancestry too. This family called Angels are also in my mother-in-laws roots, as she was even named that surname before she married. She's an Angel, you could say, but she spelled it somewhat differently. My ancestor named Angel was said to be the very one founding the country of the Angels - England. It's in England he's joined by blood with the irish family line and much later on also with the Viking line and the Eastern line. It's cause the Vikings ruled in the East and mixed with the blood of the people there. They also mixed with the blood of the Greeks, so it's pretty messy. But the thing is that they were not that careful with keeping the blood pure, as many claim. The Vikings were not, and they concidered all children of the father heirs, not only the queen's. 

In the Viking families there were much infighting and the children generally murdered each other to reach the thrown. Before they changed their religion and only counted the queen's children it was pretty mad, as the ruler had children with many wives and also with slave girls and all were his children. I bet alot of those children really did not like each other and being special, as they were bred by almost a God, they could be quite ruthless in their entitlement, I'm sure. But there were something else very weird with these Vikings, and that was that they had no fear of death. Most died before they turned 25 and by then they already had a few children, so they started early and lived intense, lethal lives. When I read about them it sounds like alot of them were typical psychopaths, but those not conforming to the will of the people were shunned and had to leave the country, so my guess is that being a total psychopath, a liar, thief and trixter, were not very popular back then either. But the thing is that the Vikings did have some kind of democracy where they used the Ting where the other landowners could vote out the King, if he was a total asshat. That is the safeguard against total psychopaths. The landowners were mostly interested in their lands and that it was doing well, and not that much into war. So a too warlike King would be voted out. My guess is however that there was an over production of young men so some wanted to go out and fight instead of work, as their culture made it out as an heroic thing to die in battle.
All these mixed genes of both a little power hungry ruling elite and mostly good honest hardworking humans might have caused some confusion in my own family. The weird thing that I cannot figure out is that there are absolutely no psychopaths on the side were the royal ancestors were found. Not a single psychopath, not one power hungry liar, that on purpose gaslighted and crazy made others to frame them with doing all the bad things the psychopath was doing. So my theory that it was in our genes due to that family line does not hold up, as the psychopathic gene seem connected to the other side of the family. Now nobody has really researched that line and when I digged deep into the royal line I ended up back in Egypt and even traced it back to Sumer. The two mummies I'd found long ago, and that I recently realized indeed could be related to me, reminded me however from the start of my grandfather on the other side, not the side were the line back to them were found. It was very odd, but as I said nobody has truly investigated that tree enough. It only takes one brake in the line, were the records are missing, and you cannot connect the dots. But it's on this grandfathers side there are plenty of evidence psychopathy exists. I don't think he was one however, but that he had on his mothers side inhereted some traits of it. Her family was the Icebergs (translation) and they seem to be very cold people. Pun intended. If that is so or not is hard for me to tell.

The reason I think they had this infliction on that part of the family is cause when under stress grandfather got very abusive with his family. Before he got affected by stress to support his family and threats of war he was a very good father and husband, I'm told. But since he'd lost so much and so many he cared for in war earlier on in life he seemed to be suffering from some kind of post traumatic stress or something of the kind, so he could not handle not being able to control his life as the government stopped his ability to take care of his family. He was a travelling engineer and needed his car to got to work, so they took his car from him during the war, and he could no longer bring in any money. They still had the farm, but it was rented out to a farmer and all they recieved was the rent and some milk. My grandfather was not the farming kind atall, so he'd not be suited for that work. His father had been a businessman who ran a brewery in Finland, but they lost everything, except this farm, when that country was invaded by the Russians. It was the Russians that slaughtered all grandfathers childhood friends and their families and that stole everything from his parents. The parents barely made it back to Sweden alive. Many of the friends being killed I'm sure were swedes too, so I do understand the long hate for Russians in this country. At the same time the Vikings did rule that part of the world too for centuries and it's weird how the Russians today not really seem to remember that.
Another thing they don't seem to know, and even less comprehend, is that the Samish people used to be much more plentiful and lived all around the globe in the Northern hemisphere. I don't know if this is common to not know, but once I tried to debate it with a Russian academic and he totally denied this fact. My theory, based on DNA studies, is that there has been a slow mix of the Samish people, or the Siberians, which are the same, and other races and that what we later on have been called the Slavic people are nothing else but a new race made up of this mix. Just like the new race of Mexicans, which they know are made up of indians, latins and some black blood. I think that  was it, or maybe some more race was involved in this new race. New races come to be all the time and it's nothing new. It's like with dogs, so why do some people revolt when it comes to humans? The Russians seem to think the Slavic race had nothing to do with neither the Siberian (Asian DNA) nore the Nordics, which I feel is realy odd belief. That since it's in the history that the Vikings ruled over them for centuries and that Novogorod were inhabitated by very asian looking people, described by the Vikings in details. They sound pretty much like a mix of the Asian race and a little bit of a more European race to me. 

When looking at photos from my husbands relatives from the most northern area or the Scandinavian penisula going back more then 100 years there is no doubt they are of Asian origin. Some do look dark and European however, so why am I then wrong? The DNA studies say I'm not. According to the Asir sagas there were many groups of people in the ancient times. The Asirs were one such group, and the Vanes were another. They also clearly describe a group that sounds exactly like the Samish people. How they describe the Asirs they sound very blond and fair, like how we typically picture the Nordic type today. The description of the Vanes is less clear, but since Frej and Freja were of the Vanes you might imagine they were quite fair too, but not as fair as the Asirs. I picture them a little in the middle and it's also told they lived by the sea, so perhaps they were the red heads, like the Phonecians? The Vikings are definitly tracing their roots back to both these lines, and they are also admitting to have some roots in the third group. But that is more ascribed to the Loki side and it seemed like they already then looked somehow down on this line. Still they describe this group as a mountain and forest living people, who were swift on skiing and the bow. And they are described as fierce warriors, even though they were not tall like the other groups. Isn't that a perfect description of the Finns? Or the Samish, as we call them these days as it's a name they like themselves. But in ancient times their name was the Finns, and if you read the sagas they are named something else.
On Ireland there are tales of islands and lands to the far north and from there they collected some very treasured objects. If one is interested it's easy to find out alot about this. One of the places in north such an object was retrieved from was called something very like the name of the Finns. So to me it's clear this land to the north were the Scandinavian countries. For a very long time Ireland was also ruled by a group of "Gods" that was called Tuta de Danan, and as there is a land in north named that in our language, not in english as it's called Denmark today, but Dana land in the old days, it's pretty clear to me it was Danes ruling Ireland back then. Danes might very well just been the term of a folk group originating from one of the Danish islands and they travelled on their Swan ships to Ireland long time ago and conquered it. That is what the old tales of Ireland says happened, when it mentions the Tuta de Danan and how they came to rule Ireland. That they went by Swan ships from the islands in the north and all that. So of course it makes sense it was the "Gods of Dana", as the word Tuta I've been told means something like the Ruler or the Gods. As I said my ancestors are said to be both the kings of all three western Nordic countries, and they were also ruling some of the great islands out in the sea. They were also those that came from the Mediterrainian and conquered Ireland from the Tuta de Danan, but the new king married a princess from the land, so she most likely was of Tuta de Danan blood.

It's very confusing I know, but it's obvious that we are all the descendants of these people by now, as the mixing and breeding has gone on for thousands of years, so who cares really what can be proven and what can not. We all have the warrior genes in us, more or less, and we can all be infected by any psychopathic tendencies to take what is not ours, to kill for the thrill. All these heroes of the old are really not that cuddly and nice as they sound by the fairytales. It's pretty gruesome really. I'm sure alot of innocent people were sacrificed for the greater good of these horrible rulers and power hungry adventurers. I can toss around these tales and go all proud and sobby eyed over their great deeds, but I see through them and their megalomania. They were killers of their own kin and whatever great country they managed, in the end, build up, some crazy relative of theirs later on ruined everything. I'm thinking about Ireland here alot, as in the end it seemed like peace ruled that green rock in the ocean for many centuries. There were little battles here and there perhaps, but more or less there were hundreds of years that my ancestors are said to have ruled in peace parts of the island. I don't think they ruled it all so much, but some times they did, as they mostly seemed to rule the suthern parts of Munster. It's very weird as I used to sing the song of Tipperary alot as a child, and it turned out that my ancestors ruled that part for 700 years.
It all seem to have gotten to an end after St Patrick and the Romans ruined Ireland. Then on my irish family tree goes over to England and Mercia for a few hundred years. That story then ends as it always seems to end, when two brothers started to fight for the throne. One brother was on the throne and he had his other brother put as the ruler of the northern parts, which he didn't fancy and wanted to rule it all. So they battled and battled. A cousin, and also an ancestor of mine, came to England to help the ruling king to deal with his bothersome brother, and helped out in the battle. While they were happily killing each other like the stupid eggheads they were, the devious William the Conquerer sneeked into the country from the south. The brothers and the cousin was up north fighting, remember. So tired of battle, and far away, the kings army did not have a chance. Then I believe they killed one of the kings too. Think it might had been the norweigian cousin, but I'm not sure and I don't want to look it up again as it was a sad reading the first time. So this is the story why England was taken over by the Normandie forces and it was nothing like I've been told before. There were nothing heroic in Williams behavior and nothing great about the kings brothers actions. Cause while his brother was fighting to get more, they both lost everything. Thanks alot, you prat of a brother!

This all goes back to present day infightings in my family. It's all connected. When we were to settle fathers estate I was dead clear that I wanted no part of it as long as either the second brother, or the youngest sister, owned any property on the estate. I wanted to sell all my shares and get free from their evil influences, as they are vile indeed. This I was so clear about to the lawyer who was to settle the estate, and I said it very clearly to him. When he suggested that we'd split the estate in two parts and that the liars would get one and we one I said a big fat no to him. The oldest brother, the true heir, said nothing at the time, so he didn't oppose my opinion either. He however has said the very same to me, that he cannot imagining having anything to do with the estate as long as they are still there. Not cause he does not want to, but cause he knows his younger brother would keep fighting him and acting like a real prat if he did. So it's cause we are realistic we don't want to. Cause we know how horribly they'd treat us as they are treating us horribly right now and they have been for as long as we've known them. If we do as we are told, and give them everything, they might grant us the mercy of getting some crap we don't want. Then they will stand there in their hero capes and pretend they've given us all we wanted and that we are ungrateful and nasty towards them. They are in short real prats.
So the lawyer tried to settle the estate and before that he told me and the true heir that we had less of a connection to our ancestry then our younger brother and sister did. First - that is a total contradiction to the law of the land. Second - he had absolutely no proof of his statement, but the lies and proclamations done by these bastards themselves. To be honest we felt totally humiliated when the lawyer told us this, and we didn't know what to say really. We were so shocked he could even dream up telling two children to a father that they had less connections to him then two other children of his. It was so surreal that when I mentioned this to our own lawyer he didn't believe me at first, but then he read it and it's there in black and white. So the lawyer made a suggestion that the ones he thought was more heirs to fathers estate was to have all the houses and all the farmland and half the forest. Us two lesser children was to have no building and only some rotten swampland and the rest of the forest up north on the estate were hardly any roads lead. I got so furious when I saw this I totally raged for days. I cursed the bloody lawyer like I've not cursed anyone but the old farmer that shot my kitties back when I was seven years old. I cursed that farmer to a slow painful death, and less then three years later he had indeed died in the most painful illness known to man.

If that had anything to do with my curse I leave for you to believe what you want about. I only know it shocked me to find out, as it took until I was 14 before I did and I said I'd not make death curses again. So I changed my mind. I did so as all my non-lethal curses so far has always come true, and I'm fed up with evil people thinking they can cause me pain and suffering. All I wanted was to be treated as I was equal to my brothers and sister. This was all the true heir wanted too. He was not greedy and did not make any claims, like his full of himself brother did. The actions of this younger brother is so foul and wicked it's truly not worth even giving any attention to. I've blocked him out of my life since May 2013 when I wrote a mail directed both to him and mother that I would have no more to do with them, as they rather believed I was a liar, then listened to reason. Neither of them bothered to reply on that mail, and since then I read nothing from them. If they try to call me all I tell them is to not call unless they wish to make amends and repent what they've done to me. Of course that will never happen as their only wish is to humiliate me and also the true heir. That is their whole purpose with all they've done. These are truly wicked people I tell you, which makes me think about the nastyness by brother's like the one causing the king of England to loose the country to a foreign power and hence pushing the people into misery.
I've heard so many state that it was the end of England when William came, and the beginning of their misery. For hundreds of years they had been friends with the Vikings and there were no more fights. The Vikings had become christians too, which was what the whole debackle was about really. I will not talk about that too, as it's a whole different tale, the religious wars in Scandinavia and how my ancestors were on both sides fighting each other to death. Again, the same shit as in my family where some wish to gain power and money to humiliate and impoverish the others. It's done very sneaky as any benifits they have gained they count as a cost for them, while an equal benifit for us others they'd count as a gift to us. Here is an example; if they had rent free buildings for their own disposal for many years they'd call every expence on these buildings as costs, and they'd ignore all the rent they never paid. If they paid no power and rent, all they might had paid was their own betterments of the buildings. The younger brother, older then me mind you, must have gotten very envious when his baby sister just barely turned 20 claimed she for free got the lovely summer house he so loved. She then hardly did a thing on the house, but believes every little thing she should be re-paid for, which like never will happen as she didn't pay rent nore any electrical bills and much else, she never paid.

By now I've proven to them she own me hundreds of thousands due to this house, which made her take back her claims on getting paid for having a free house for 20 years. Stupid cow! She'd been defaming me as the cheep one and there was the proof, who's a cheep cow. She is. If she'd gone on wanting to get paid for the benifit of having that house she'd even have to pay her brothers money as she all together, after my calculations, own the estate more then a million. She'd not get a cent out of the estate, that's how much she'd own us. She'd have to pay me about half a million, and each brother about a quater of a million. So she changed her cheep mind, when she realized she could not get paid for reaping a benifit for decades. Her envious brother had made father build him an outhouse he had himself paid money to get liveable, so he's hating me now. Of course he is, cause he's a stupid asshat. I'm not the one he should be mad at, but since he's like as intelligent as a flee there is no reasoning with him. His mommy says I'm stupid and mean, so he believes his mommy, as he's a mommy boy. Bad mothers truly cause great destruction and you know who I blame to cause this in our family? I blame the founding cause to be mother. The second to blame is our sister, who's a tight ass, money grabbing little liar. And I will keep on claiming that until the curse she put on herself and her husband befalls them.
The third guilty person is however the younger brother, who is older then me. His envy of the true heir is obvious and so is his envy of how the baby sister got the summer house for nothing. Only she didn't. Father made sure that she didn't get the will she wanted him to sign, where she wanted the house to be a gift from 1992. Father instead made a document that we had to approve, or it would not be legally binding, and he made only the house hers if she paid for it what it was worth. Today. So that is the bloody lie she's been spreading - that he signed the agreement with the content from the unsigned will. That is the proof she's the connieving little bitch she is, as I have nothing to do with this shit and I could not care less. I will still loose alot of money and I've hardly gotten anything to start with. Mother and father told me I hardly had, and they were right. But now mother lies to the lawyer and tells him I'm the one of us sisters getting alot. She's so burnt on the stake that wicked witch. I'm sorry to tell you but my mother is a very evil, wicked witch, just like the ones you see in nasty fairytales. One that harm young people and are very depraved morally, though on the surface looks like a sweet old lady. She's not. Or she'd not lie like that. She even framed her golden boy in the mail to the lawyer, so why is he pissing at me? I've done nothing of what he blames me for, his beloved evil witches have. 

There are a difference between a good and a bad witch and the difference is that bad witches lie and do bad deeds, while a good witch fight to put things into balance and help the innocent. A good witch is creative so I make alot of things of beauty. Some you see here as gifts. The first, third, forth and sixth graphic is all due to my own design, using others art of course. The second, fifth, seventh, eight, ninth, tenth and eleventh I made with the help of tutorials. Most I used another graphic for then suggested by the tutorial. Only on the fifth, ninth, tenth and eleventh it's the original graphics. I made an extra space to the right of the graphics on the tenth to put the text and on the eleventh I took away the background frame to make a tag instead as how the tutorial suggested. The greatest weapon we do have against pathology and nastyness is to create and make our own wonderfully beautiful world around us. When we do that we feel no need to connieve and lie and feel envious about others rights. We will not need to lie to make our siblings feel insignificant, and make out our parents cared more for us. Or other nasty nonsence. Which I'm sure all this drama is all about, the wish to show me and the true heir we are less loved then them. How utterly pathetic, as in the end that is just their own mischief and smear causing people to even believe such stuff, that us two are less connected and deserving less. It's pure bullshit and all down to their bullying and propaganda. Nothing else, and nothing real.   
Queen Angelica - Fairyland Poetry

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