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måndag 26 januari 2015

Your Nymph Legend

Here I will present my third blue site, though it's not blue in colour, it's just part of the group of sites I've sorted under my Blue Sky. On this site I've collected a few popular songs from my youth mostly and lyrics, but then I stopped, so there are not as many as I first planned. The plans changed and I instead started making romantic graphics instead, as truth be told, I'm not a music lover, but a big art lover. So now there are plenty of graphics with love couples, websets, lockers and all sorts of beauties. You'll find the site here if you like to look at is - Your Nymph Legend - and from this entrance you only need to go inside and look around. The nymph is a young and pretty woman, someone enchanting and romantic, of course. You normally would find them luring in nature, near water, in water and even in caves. They are very free spritited and loving and forever young, but not immortal if killed. These are the light and good nymphs as there are plenty of stories of what I'd call nymph-like creatures that are very dark, like luring men into death with beautiful singing. Myths are filled with these evil women-like beings who are very dangerous, as they are so charming and luring.

Real life is the same. You find sweet and kind girls with pure innocent hearts who only want to love and be friendly to others. They are very rare though as most girls want something from the guys. They are full of selfinterest and even if they are also kind and helpful, they are not totally innocent and sweet. They might however look very sweet, but that is the luring part of girls that are not as pure as they look. Guys are easily conned by this pretty and innocent surface and will miss out on the signals that this girl is really quite selfish. Other girls are like the singing siréns luring seamen to their death. They are lethal, but they are so perfect and charming guys fall straight into their arms and are totally devestated after the relationship is over. These women let the guys do everything for them, they take all their money and energy, and then they make sure that the end of the relationship is totally blamed on the guy. All through the relationship they've been playing the victim behind the guys back, making even his own parents feel sorry for her, and that is how it's done. When the guy finally finds out everyone is already against him. I honestly think girls are the best on this con, though charming guys can do equally harm to a truly innocent girl, as evil comes in both sexes. 

The decieving girls are the ones looking the most perfect, in my opinion. They will reach out to you with their fake friendship and talk to you with their soft, singing voices. They will make you pity them and feel ill will towards the guy or other girl that has hurt them. They will be so very convincing you will most likely want to help, if you are not one of those rare people who sees through these people. Most people believe they are such a person who can see through con artists, but most are wrong. They dismiss the real target of the smear campaign and argue against the truth and ridicule and bully the truthteller, and defend the liar. Most people are that way cause the first thing they've heard about an issue was spun out by the careful liar, who early on knew they needed to spin their version, before their target finds out what's up and starts defending themself. That's why you are not believed when you start telling about your life and things that happened long ago, as so many have heard a totally different story by the liar all this time and your "stories" don't add up with their image of you. An image recieved by one or more illusionists wanting to rip you out of your own self and put their dirty, dark face on you.

This is all magick actually. The magick of stealing a persons real self from them and put another self on that person. It's only on the surface and not the real self, of course, but imagine how it will affect a person when they are constantly put down and talked down to, corrected and watched like a criminal. Even if the person knows that she/he is a good and kind and honest soul, this treatment will wear you down. You will mourn that your aunt or dad or brother thinks so bad about you, but you will only think about behaving better, more honest and true, to prove this person wrong. So you will go on and behave good your whole life, but whatever you do you cannot prove to all of these people that you are a good person. Still a few will smirk at you and look upon you with disbelief. You will not understand how they can be so eager to embrace others that's done horrible things, while looking down at you like filth while you've behaved so kind and nice all the time. You feel like you are judge by another scale then these others, who can be forgiven for almost everything. Nobody talks about what they've done and nobody seems to care. 

The truth is that most likely nobody really knows what they've done and will never believe it if you told them now. If you happen to, in the middle of telling about your history to them, they will think you are lying, as they've heard a totally different story long ago. In the story told to these people you might have been the one doing all these nasty things!!! I tell you that many are the kindhearted people finding this out, that they've been smeared with all the foul things the persons in their close promixity with low morals have done. Such people have an ability to charm others to feel sorry for them, like I mentioned above, and tell you to please keep quite about this and that. Stuff they've done in many cases, and many times you will just know nobody would believe you so you keep quite anyways. So the truth is hidden and that makes it so very easy for these foul creatures to twist and turn the blame unto an unwitting victim, all done behind this persons back, of course. Those hearing these horrible "truths" about this innocent person, will be so shocked they don't want to talk about it. It's shameful and nasty, what they hear, so they will deciede to try and correct this illwilled person.

It's these attempts to make you a better person that you then have experienced as nothing you do is good enough. As they keep acting like nothing you do is good enough, and you know you've done so much good things. But the thing is that if you've been smeared, these persons doing the judging of you have no idea how much good you've done, as they have been listening to gossip and lies. They are listening to the people who are doing the foul things and together with the real culprits of all these hideous crimes they are judging you. It might in each case just be one or two really bad things a person has heard about you, but that is enough to make them always suspicious of everything you are for the rest of your life. As it's a lie it is a severe crime anyways. I have a few examples from my own life that has surfaced, but I knew many more before that I've forgot. Also I understand that what I've found out are only the tip of an iceberg, so vast I could not begin to guess. My advice would be that if you find out one lie a person said about you in an attempt to frame you for their own wrong doings, always understand there are atleast ten times more you never will find out.

Many times they don't frame you for exactly the same thing they've done, but only reframe the issue so instead of them doing it fully on purpose, you now have caused it due to your irresponsibility. Then if you tell the truth you come out as even more irresponsible as you wont even admit to such a thing, but blame a "totally innocent" for doing such a horrible thing on purpose. That is the tricky mind of a charmer and con artist, to always tell the stories that are most believable to the audience. But reality is far exceeding any fairytales, and evil people do evil deeds on purpose. Most will not believe such is possible, as most will judge others after their own morals, and that is a big mistake when you are dealing with dark entities. To be able to live in this reality as a dark one, you must behave like you are of pure light. That's why the worst con artists are so charming and smiling all the time. Just look at their fake faces, how they smile and pretend to be so very innocent. They stare with open innocent baby eyes at you to make you think they are pure as white snow.

At the same time their smeared victim are sitting there with pouting lips, holding the cry back and with eyes filled with anger. Who do you think people think is the bad seed? Who do you think get the spanky? The innocent looking one who sits there pretending to have done nothing, or the one crying and being angry? Of course the hurting child gets the spanking. That is how sick this world is that we punish the victims, not the perpetrators. The perpetrators are not hurting. They are not angry or upset, cause they are not the ones that are being harmed. Not until one day the crying child realizes he or she has been conned to react by this foul creature. That is when they wont start to rage or cry and plead people to understand them and please help them. That is the day they realize this world does not care for justice and fairness at all. They realize that they must act together and help each other, those who have been mistreated by these devils from hell. So instead of reacting in pain and hurt they start to disobey and ignore the evildoers and that is when you will see full blown rage from them, finally. It's when you stop taking orders and react like they want you to, that they will show pure raging anger.

When bad spirits rage it's nothing like when a harmed child cries. The anger is something totally different, as it's the difference of a demon not getting what he or she wants, and the hurt of being framed unfairely. The demon does not care for right or wrong, only to get what they want. They will rage for not getting attention, admiration and power over the situation. They will not cry over the thought you believe lies about them and don't love them anymore. They don't care for your stupid love and never has and never will. And they care nothing for you, as one of their targets, know they are damn liars. They only care if you can make others realize this truth and that's why they always put out their smear far in advance, before you have an idea they will turn on you. They will smear you when you are their truest of friends. They will tell their fairytales with faked concern or they will use some mantra they've brainwashed everyone with so they really only need to say this mantra and others know immediately that you are to blame. 

So these nymphs are like spirits and spirits can be good and they can be bad. I must admit that I only deal with sweet and kind spirits on my site as this is a loving site filled with pure love. I have not even mentioned the slightest the evil spirits here or the evil women out there. But they do exist and they hurt and destroy the good ones every day. That is the mission of the evil ones, to destroy what is good. It's down below everything the only intent for their existence, to take away all that is good from those who truly are good. It's cause those who are bad cannot create anything themselves, so all they can do is to steal from others. That's why they are craving admiration and love from their surroundings, while not caring for their targets love. Remember that they want to steal your assets, also your ability to make others love you. They want to steal your parents love, so you get none. And when the parents die they want everyone to look upon them as the rightfull heir, and you an outcast who should be grateful for even being mentioned when the inherence is distributed. 

To be creative and to manifest beauty in this world all by yourself, from nothing almost, you need to be connected to the source. When you are that you don't need as much admiration and love from others, as these empty shells do. It's not cause you don't care about love, but since you create love everyday and therefore pick up love from the slightest little twinkle of love. A kind word from a person can fill you with love for weeks and will be remembered for life. That's how much a good person can make of almost nothing. Such kind words goes in and out of the craving empty shell. They need big shows of affection, several lovers and admires. They need to be seen and respected and to be looked up upon, so they can look down on others. The higher others put them, the more they will enjoy it, but if they will be happy and content they will always have to have someone they know are miserable and ruined by their treasons. They feel a thrill and joy from the knowledge they've humiliated and even killed another persons spirit.

I know many don't believe in evil and think it does not exist. That there is no bad people out there who enjoys harming others, but that is not true. They want to harm people that stands in their way, that they secretly envy or who have not been enough supportive and serveant to them. It's not about them feeling hurt by you doing your thing, it's about them wanting all your energy waisted on them. They therefore ridicule your whole lifestyle. Your children are belittled and made unimportant. Which is about the most vile and sick thing these people do to others, that they go after the children. But that is what they do, both in families and in wars, these people always tries to destroy your soul by attacking your children, either directly or making you feel your offspring is less then theirs. You will hear how special their children are, and polite and kind as you are you will listen to these stories and agree their children are very important. But whenever you try to tell about your children you will soon notice you are silenced and ridiculed. 

People in general like to think that sweet and kind behavior is proof of a good person with true intent. Unfortunately things are more complicated then that. To know a persons true spirit you need to feel them inside your intuition, and without any gossip and stories that has coloured your good judgement. When you feel warm love from another person, and there is no pain in your stomach, no nervous feeling in your gut, you might have a true and loving person with you. But when you feel nervous and you feel like they don't really care what you want and who you are, you might have a faker. Remember that people with depression, under severe pressure from con artists and liars or in any other way harmed by bad people, you can feel this from them too. And that will be a very dark energy and you must not confuse that with them being evil, but they are subjected to evil. To help them you must send them uplifting energy in the form of love and trust as that will strengthen a victim of dark attack to stand up against it, without breaking and loose their life will.

If you instead judge the victim as the perpetrator and pull away from them, you will help the perpetrator to harm and eventually kill their target. We are social beings and it's hard to conjure up love and life energy from source when you are feeling blocked by these perpetrators projections of dark energy towards you. So even a good person, a creative person, will be drained and in many case commit suicide or just become ill and die, when the pressure gets too much and nobody is there for them. It's a question how much a person can take really. Of course I always talk about a human being when I use the word person, as it's come to my knowledge a person isn't really a human being but a legal fiction. Either way I use that word here like it was a real human, and not just fiction, but then I talk general here so in some ways it's a bit fiction, but it's definitely not made up and untrue what I tell you here. We thrive the more energy we get from others, but a healthy person needs less then a sick person. A healthy person, a good person who is creative and loving, can collect all the energy they need from source, but having other humans around is very positive when good humans.

Good people are not perfect people. Good people are those who are true and themselves. They don't lie and play games and they don't pretend to be what they are not. Unfortunately there are very few really good people today as deciet is promoted. Most people think they are clever when they decieve and help decievers to decieve those that they have conned people to accept are deserving of being decieved. You know whom those are as they are being murdered and robbed every day on this planet without many caring about it. It's the people who nobody care about when they live in misery, while the same people help the already fabulously rich to get even more filthy rich. And feeling good about themselves as in their mind these bastards need thousand times more then another human being. Do they? How many houses does one person need? According to the lawyer settling fathers estate my sister and her husband need two summer houses, while I and my family need none. They have no children either, as they are divorced and choose to have no children. My sister has one adult son, and her husband two adult daughters. 

I have two children living at home and two adult children, both looking for houses. The adult son has a fiancé and they need a country place as they have horses and many more animals. They are planning to start a dog hotel and also day care only during working days. The adult daughter has a family too, with two small children. So this sister of mine needs two more houses then their own, while I don't deserve not even one, according to this lawyer. He makes me sick. He didn't say much about our brother living abroad and his greater need of summer houses, more then mentioning that is was so. This brother's wife already owns a summer house by the beach and they have a house they live in and all they have is one son. And they need another summer house, while I need none, and neither does our oldest brother according to this shit lawyer. This brother's wife also hates our country and hates the summer house, while the oldest brother's wife herself said she wanted to have a house on that farm. She loved her father-in-law and she gave him three grandchildren, and she got very sad when father died. I mean, really sad, not pretend sad like these other people get. Still this asshole lawyer says these con artists rights are greater then the right of the rest of us. He's a liar!

We went to a really posh law firm and now we know it's not only our interpretation of the law, but it's fact. We have equal rights like them, just like I've told this lawyer all the time. I kept saying it when he was pushing me out of the office, that those liars he's listening to, wants others to think I don't count, that I have no rights, but I have equal rights. That was after he'd told me I was less worth then my sister and this brother living abroad. After he'd told the oldest brother he had less rights then his younger brother and baby sister, who lives in a big town and cares nothing for the country life. Still this lawyer said to us that these people had tighter connections to the farm and therefore more rights to it, which is all bullocks and lies. And he lied and told us that an oral agreement, only confirmed by these provable liars, are legally binding, which is another pure bullocks lie. As the lawyer on the posh firm said, and as I've told the other lawyer all the time, only a will is legally binding. But these charming and seductive women will twist and turn the brain of weak willed men, like this lawyer. He's so enchanted with her it's sick.

Evil is when you use your charm and sex to get what you want on the cost of others. When you lure and smile and make men want you, so they actually put themselves in harms way to help you fuck your sister, like she's made this lawyer do here. He straight out told me and the brother, I was with at the meeting we finally got to have with him after 6 months, that he was going to make us very angry on him. He said it like he would make "some" very angry on him, but it was totally clear he ment us and he was right. Cause the course of events he'd presented us with we had totally said NO to the whole time and yet again at the meeting, and still he went on and took that sick solution and ran with it. It's the same sick solution we went to court about, when our con artists siblings wanting to force us to accept it back in 2013. Our sister said that there was no other way, then this way, and we said no then and how on earth could this stupid lawyer think we'd changed our view now? That all these tormenting months had been for nothing? No way. 

This is how enchanted men will treat you, when they are smithen by an evil spirit. They will try and destroy a true spirit, the feeling and caring and sweet ones. He knows what he does is wrong and he's balancing between what lies he tells us and what he puts in writing. He tries his best to con us to admit to things that are against our own interests without leaving traces of how devieving he's been acting. It's the same shit our brother and sister been pulling on us all this time. Our brother has no papers on a building he rented of father and he wants the same paper our sister claims she has. But she does not have that paper, as father refused to sign that paper. She has the paper I read and it says something else. The lawyer is trying to force us to follow the contend of this signed paper, without making her show it nore admit that I was right all the time that she'd showed it to me and it says what I remember it said. The lawyer wants to help her defame me and harm my reputation by helping her in her con that the real paper said what the will said, which father refuced to sign.

And the second brother has no paper at all, but a rent agreement. So he pretends that he has the same paper, as the will that father refused to sign, and he plays he's the victim of my manipulations, while it's me who's the victim of their sick manipulations and lies. They are sick people and they have been attacking me like this as they both know that I'm the innocent and sweet soul I am, and they know how much pain and hurt I've suffered in my life due to the evil of mankind. They both know all this as they know me very well from seeing me hurting over the lies and foulness this world perform. They both know what a helpful and caring person I am, who always put others needs before my own, and they know that I have had a long and lethal illness that almost cost my life, and severely strained my heart, which already has a born with damage. So they both knew I was sick, weak and fragile, so therefore they decided to attack me and send hate and death towards me. It's what evil people do as they will bully such a person to give up or die. It's either or for them so they know such a person like me is the best choice to haunt and stalk.

I'm getting to the end of this blog about flirtatious women who either are just full of love and care, or are devious decievers who use these charming qualities to enchant men to harm other women and in the end also harm the men. They most likely use men with low selfesteem, who admire strong and successful people, and they make these men attack kind and innocent women. Most of the times the targets are also more beautiful then the enchantress, which all these fairytales like Snowwhite, Cinderella and so on all brings up. The envy of beauty. In my case I was the small and pretty girl, and my sister was huge and looked very witch like even when she was just 13. I looked like a cute little girl in that age and when I was 21 years old and she was 13 years old guys thought she was 19 and I was her little sister and only 17, that was how we looked. So to believe all this shit is due to her jelousy on me is not a big step. She wants my total demise and for me to understand that father not loved me atall. So all weird things father said to me and my children I now contribute to this sister, or the nasty brother or even our evil mother.

I hope you enjoyed the graphics I've added to the blog. The first and second are tutorials, even though I've changed the first one somewhat. The third one I made up myself using a wonderful picture. The forth and fifth I changed the tutorials to my own liking and used pretty pictures I found. The sixth I made for my second son on a birthday using nice tubes. Seven, eight, nine and ten are all done from tutorials. I put the text to the right of the tutorial piece on the tenth by adding that part to the graphic. The last one below is a mix of a simple tutorial with another tutorial and then my own idea. Which is the way to use tutorials really, redo them after your own liking and don't stick to all the ideas the creator of the tutorial has and you will soon make your own things all together, just using the techniques you pick up. This site is about all art so therefore I have included graphics on music, dance and more. Art is of course also poetry and lyrics, like you have in songs. Art is anything that is beautiful and creative really and my whole life I've enjoyed many artforms. My biggest passion as a small child was to get to dance ballet, but that dream was cruely crushed by my evil mother. 

Queen Angelica - Fairyland Poetry

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