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onsdag 27 maj 2015

Double Rules

Atleast some of us are...

Evil people have two sets of rules - one for themselves, and one for you. So lets dig deeper into why they feel like they are not like us, but something better. In my opinion they are of a lower evolvement, lacking traits that a true spiritual human ought to have. And guess what, so does the ancient wise ones understand it. There are also another kind of human here on earth, according to them, and finally I could recognize myself in a group of beings, that come straight from source. I've always felt like a watcher, someone here to collect data, so to be able to report back when I go home again. If you've read my blog you know that I do remember coming here from source, so I don't just believe this, I remember this. I was from an early age informed, by myself, to be very careful what I said to these so called humans, here on this plane, as I understood that people were taken away and locked up for speaking out of terms. 

I remember being five years old, knowing this, though no-one that I can remember ever having informed me about this danger. So I told myself to be very quite, melt in and just observe and learn this plane. I truly feel like it's been my mission to not be making too much waves, but more let others do the waving. However it's impossible to live here without impacting others now and then, and when it comes to spiritual matters, what is right and what is wrong, I must put down my foot and stand my ground. So some times you just make waves by not doing anything but refusing to let liars get away with their cons. And they do hate when do-gooders hinder them in their evil deeds, so they will notice you if you do such a thing. But all that I think is very good, as they give me material to collect and bring back about what is wrong with this place and some beings that reside here. These beings not being properly functioning, since they are spiritually deficiant and therefore psychopathic by nature. 

It might very well not be their bodies and brains that are not working properly, but the driver in the seat that just don't have all the marbles in place to make this beautiful vessel, called our bodies, to work on full mode. Lets listen to this read below and learn more about this pathology, of people who believe they have one set of rules to live by, and the rest of us without their pathology another, as they believe us to be their minions, their slaves and servants. I know this is just their delusion, as this is the realm they've been ruling now for awhile, and they truly believe that they are the best of the best evolution wise. But the truth is that their regime is coming to an end, as they are poorly deficiant and outdated. It gets darkest before the dawn, so for all of human kind to wake up and see that there are non-humans walking among us, dressed in human bodies, they need to be too obvious to ignore. That time has come very near now. Listen and learn:

Queen Angelica - Fairyland Poetry

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