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fredag 1 januari 2010

What are jihns, demons, fairies really?

Sounds like a pretty wacko thing to ask, but the deeper one goes into the ancient knowledge the less wacko it seems. In pagan culture there were the fairies. Have you ever spotted their orbs in the corner of the eye you know those tales are not made up. There really are orbs and on a rare occation you may see one hastily float through the air and disappear behind a tree. When I did I thought I must have looked at a light recently and that's what I saw. But then I remembered the orb had passed behind the trees. A reflextion in the eye would had passed infront of the tree, and I could not even remember what light I possibly could have seen as I'd just came out of the dark cellar in the evening. Still it could have been an hallucination, if there is such a thing. What if hallucinations really are glimses into another dimension? That truly messes things up, does it not?

Demons is what we have come into contact with through the catholic church mostly and their mythology. What they are seems really to be the same as the arabic jihns and the jihns are described as bluish beings. Many fairies have very strong blue colours and I think specially on one such image of a blue fairy that looked particulary mischievous. It stuck in my mind and when I read about the jihns and the description of them that image popped up. What was particular about that was that it was the "tag" of a member in a group I had been part in many years before and I had saved her tag as a memory. I didn't know who she was, but I always saved things back then from visitors signing my guestbooks. I liked the tag and the name on it stuck in my mind. It was significant in some way. The name was "Dereth". By now I have deleted that tag long ago, but I have kept a beautiful birthday gift from a lady with the same bluish fairy on. Still I never forgot on who's tag I first spotted the little one.

Last summer I was asked to re-join a PSP-group I had left in May 2006. At that time it was a big group but when I was contacted it was very small. The reason for that could be that no newbeginners got accepted anymore and all old members had left for reasons unknown by me. According to the leader many of them had been given the booty for "not behaving". I know alot of people join groups and then wont participate as the rules say they should, so I thought not much about it. I did wonder over the claim that they'd had to expell members for trying to take over the group. That was such a subjective term it caught my attention. So when re-joining I admitted I was not particulary good at behaving so I was doubtful I'd could cope. Still I promised to give it a try and if it didn't work I just could leave and we'll still be friends, since I'd told my doubts in advance. But this didn't happen. So here comes the jihn in. Far fetched for some, but according to some sources they are spirits that possess people that are easily possessed. I've even been told by people they feel like they have a demon attached to them. People I feel an odd energy around.

So what is this "spirit"? Why are they possessing people? And how does it affect the person that are having one in the house or even worse, inside their own self? One thing I think can happen is that the person does things he/she can't remember afterwards. Like when we are very drunk it's said we are easy to possess. Perhaps that is why many religions forbid drinking? To the knowledgeable there is spirits all around us - all the time. But only a few are mischievous, I'm sure. Cause all of this is my thoughts only about this, and not copied from any books. I've read and listened to what others say and believe and wondered and you might think this is all nuts. That is your right to think as it's mine to have thoughts on this subject. If you feel a need to say insulting things to me due to my thoughts, you perhaps have a little demon whispering this need into your ear. Cause really, what is it to anyone else if I have thoughts about anything? Who wants to create sorrow and pain in this world by hurting others?

In the childs book Monsters Ink the monster is blue and is living out of the childrens fear. Which again makes me think about the jihn. So like these monsters the jihns and demons are living on our feelings. Some are living of love, and they try to create love around themselves. Others, like in Monsters Ink, tries to create fear. But there are plenty of other variations of feelings, even if these are the two main ones. Frustration, heartache, loneliness, hopelessness are examples of feelings close to fear. So the little blue jihn whispers into the person it's stuck to things of malice to make the person do things that will create some of these fearful feelings in its victimes. That is a theme even in Xena, where there were those three spirits - some greek ones I've forgotten the name of now as there are so many names in every culture on them. They are in many parts of the serie and they are creating alot of havoc and hurts. They even manage to screw with the mind of the mighty war god Ares.

In the nordic myths we have a half god that is kind of acting out the achetypical devil behaviour. The demons are supposed to belong to the devil in the bibel religions. Among the Asirs this half god is called Loki. That he's having several personalities is impossible to miss when one reads the stories. He's the blood brother to the highest god Odin, but he still betrays him and lures someone else to kill Odins favourite son Balder. That is like the worst thing you can do - having your best friends own beloved family member killed. But that Loki decieves and lies. At the very same time he's one of the most pleasant of all the gods of Asgard. He's funny, witty and friendly to everyone. Everyone more or less likes him and only very few distrust him, but none dares to say so as he's the blood brother of Odin. But after the murder the feelings start to change, cause something is not right. I've wondered why he had Balder killed and I think it's cause he was so very popular. He was Odins pet.

When I re-joined the PSP-group I kind of felt I was the pet of the owner to begin with. She even wrote me privately and complemented me for following her rules so very well (which was extraordinair to me since I am very forgetful) and she complained the others would not listen to her - specially one member called Malena she needed to be extra strickt with. I kind of felt sorry for her, as she obviously almost licked the owners feet to please her. Apparently after I had left the group back in 2006 and the group shrunk this old woman Malena was the only one the owner had taken on as a new pupil. Well, there might have been a few more after I left, but eventually her crowd of pupils shrunk to this woman only. And she did private tutering with her. So back to the Loki and Balder incident we go. To me it became clear that I was the archetype of Balder, the shining bright young quick learner with always a jolly smile and not a care in the world. While Malena was soon playing the role of Loki, the growingly envious best friend of Odin (= the leader Norma). What a drama play that turned out as things evolved!

Now I really should sum this up before proceeding. You might wonder - who was this "Dereth" I mentioned at the beginning? Well, when Malena had presented her full name to me it turned out SHE was this "Dereth". It was a second name and second personality on the net. And her guestbook had the same little blue jihn as her old tag had - the one I had saved so many years ago and still remembered. I re-joined the group just as it was Malena's birthday and that was how I found out she was the blue fairy. Of the three members of the group she was the only one making any effort to get to know me. She was very kind and helpful and I decieded to trust her, even if Norma had told me it was Malena that had caused her to loose an old girlfriend. Norma put all the blame on the old friend of hers and not any on Malena, her new friend.

All these women are as old as my parents and knowing how they are I didn't wonder over their little dramas. Out of the blue I then are told by Malena that Norma is upset with me. About the same time she must have informed Norma that I was upset with her. I'm sure now that this was just the energy of the jihn in action. Or in the nordic tradition she manifested the Loki character by acting both as a dear friend to us both, while at the same time planting thoughtforms into our minds that then became our realities. Only that in my reality it was Norma that was displeased with my lousy tutorials and in Norma's mind it was me displeased with her way of running things.

The end result of this Loki energy is anger, distrust and confusion. All nice fear-related energies any jihn can live on happily for quite awhile. At least according to the myths of the jihns, demons or nasty fairies. On the other hand there are supposingly many spirits of a good nature too. Or as in a dream I had where I was a love-fairy. My food was just joy and love in general and that was what I tried to make people I came in contact with feel. Only when I lost my wings in a flying accident I needed solid food to grow out new ones and that food was fruit. It was a lovely dream, which I was awaken from before it was over. Hopefully I'll dream it another time. Perhaps we are in our essence just that, fairies, jihns, demons, angels, spirits, when we are not in solid form. What do I know. All of this is just a jotapox of memories, thoughts and hypothesies I could never prove in any way. Totally unscientific and therefore useless and unimportant to all the Saturn-people ruling our world today. If you don't know your planetary achetypes that wont mean a thing to you so perhaps I'll mention those too another time. In this story Norma is the typical Saturn-type; ruling, obedience, timelines and control. Actually the whole situation in the group was Saturn-laden and I don't do Saturn very well, which is the energy that is old and moving out now. Some wish to still put their energy into keeping it around a little longer and by that pre-longing the birth-aches of the new age arriving.

Of course Saturn is equalled with Satan and is therefore the ruler of our 3D world, the liniar timeline existence. Don't ask me how another world could be possible, but perhaps it's like the way I do things, which is by inspiration more then duty to have things done a specific date. By doing things only due to inspiration you might have it done sooner, or you might have it done later then by a fixed date, but either way it will be more joyous to do and perhaps even better done. The Jupiter energy is the expansion and growth energy, and it's one of two bright "stars" on the sky that has been credited for being Lucifer. The other one is Venus that has the creative love-power that manifests so much beauty and new things all the time. As it moves in closer it makes the spiritual water rise and the feminine energy stronger. Saturn is the strongholder of the rigid masculine powers that now are slowly dying, just as our old cat have been dying all the time from this summer until today, the first day of 2010 when he finally took his last breath and went to cat heaven to meet his mother, sister and daughter whom he all loved and missed.

If you are looking for a punch-line in all this you are looking in vane. I only wanted to put down a few of my thoughts about those silly little jihns and how they work. That I had that picture, the tag, for so many years and now finally know who that "Dereth" was and that she now are acting out a typical jihn behaviour was just too bizarr. A couple of days ago she found my updated graphics-page where I'd changed my tribute to the PSP-group to a warning and she freaked out. Mostly - or rather only - cause I'd compared her behaviour to the archetype of Loki. That might have sounded like a really nasty thing to do, but when compaired to her pages saluting the mass-slaughter in Iraq it was nothing. Having ones conduct compaired to the god of lies and manipulations is a silly thing while children are ripped apart and born deformed, which I described at the same place as I mentioned Loki. But she only cared about being compaired to the god of mischief, which her reply in my guestbook showed since she copied the exact words I'd used and then added some much worse on me to get back to me properly. She's of course entitled to think what she wants about me, but nothing I wrote was a lie, since I only wrote what I knew and what I thought was going on in a more multidimensional way.

To prove I was right in my hunch what was going on I yesterday found out someone was writing lies about me to people I knew. Total lies. Which is what I had thought was going on when accused by the leader Norma of being upset with her. I'd never said anything of the kind. In the mail she thought I'd said that I said the very opposite, which is a great skill of the Loki character to make people see the opposite of what is really there. Of course I realized pretty soon Malena had told Norma I was upset with her, just as Malena had told me in a private mail that Norma was upset with me. If you hear that, you get a bit upset, since you don't want friends being upset with you. How clever isn't that to make people get upset with each other just by claiming they are! And how typical women today to do that. That has nothing to do with the female energy by the way, as women today have lost their femininity. Many mysticks claim there are few really feminine women today and to save this planet we need to find our feminine energy again. That is our Venus-energy, our love-energy and the creative source. The more beauty we can manifest and the more love we radiate, the more I guess we'll become feminine.

I think I've rounded things up now and left not too many loose threads hanging. Well, perhaps I should tell what silly lies more exactly someone now seems to be spreading. It was that I put up a persons name and email-address on my site, which I have no idea why I was supposed to have done, since I have no reason to do such a stupid thing. That upset that person so much she wrote an angry email to me just as we were off to see the new years fireworks. Actually it chocked me so much I got delayed by replying to her and we came too late. My daughter got too late to pick up her friend and we all missed the start of the fireworks. So if that was the PSP-groups new trick to get back to me for being so upset with Norma, as Malena claims I am, they succeeded. They managed to make a few children late for their fireworks. Good job old crows - picking on children. If not replying I'd leave the computer after reading what I hoped was another nice mail and had put on my clothes instead of sitting in chock over such nastyness. Why lie to another person about such a thing? Why upset an old woman someone for no reason was hanging her out on a website? What twisted mind can even make up such a thing just to sow sorrow? Well, someone with a pretty mischievous jihn would attached to her.

Go and watch Xena and you'll know what I mean. They portray this kind of spirits very well there. If this is aspects of humans without a body or something else, I have no clue, but possessions are real and verified from many sources. Including someone I used to know who was an exorcist in his later days. Too many truly knowledgable and wise people have spoke about this, too many ancient texts have to just toss it away as nonsens. The saying the greatest trick the devil ever pulled is convincing everyone he didn't exist comes to mind, though I don't believe he exists in the flesh but as a spirit energy we all help to feed and manifest with our own spirits and by hosting negative spirits and helping them do harm to others. Wars, famine and all kinds of hostility and injustices are like candy to these energies and everyone feeding into it and helping it along prolongs this era of pain and hurt. Hopefully the numbers of souls that wish to have another kind of energy are growing, but I have no knowledge if that is the case. To me it seems we all are creating our own enimies and starting our own wars with ease. And not even me are spared even when trying to avoid all negative social contact. It'll come to me all the same and manifest just to mess with me.

If you have read all this and don't understand it don't bother to comment. If you have read it and think you have understood it, but think I am a deranged lunatic, like Malena obviously does, don't bother to comment either. If you have your own thoughts about jihns and such things you can comment and I'll add it here. If you are upset that I write my opinions you can keep those thoughts to yourself as this is my blog and not yours. Like my site is mine and I say what I want there - and I'm no angel. I'm a spirit having a human experience and sometimes not liking atall what kind of other spirits having a human experience I see. Would be nice to see more from my parts of the multidimensional universe being here in my blog and site, but they are either found on their blogs and sites or in real life at home with my family.

Queen Angelica - Fairyland Poetry

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