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lördag 29 augusti 2009

Remaking this blog

About my blog
This blog has been in swedish so far, which is good if you don't want many to understand it, since there are so few people knowing swedish and of these few people - less then 10 million - only at most 1% would ever consider reading stuff like this. That is less then 100 000 people. The chance that anyone of these will end up on this blog is micro small, so I've decided to write in english. There must be atleast 1-2 billion people out there knowing english, and if 1% could possible be interested in any of my subjects that means a hell of a lot more possible visitors. Atleast in theory. Besides, my subjects will not be only about Sweden and my home town or anything else very close and personal. It will be about many things. Like my website is. I've already written several presentations about my website, but since it is the same theme on the blog it is worth repeating and this time in english.

About my website
My website is situated on the domain vetteljus.org - that is the place to go to find links to all other sites of mine. Vetteljus the main page is just that - a sitemap. But at the same time it gives out lots of information and stuff, so there is not only links on it - far from it.

My Green World

I've sorted my websites into three main groups. The first is mainly about our day to day life and strife and that part I've called My Green World and placed it under the title 'Gröna Hus', which means Green Houses. There are four green houses to choose from called in swedish 'Tamburen', 'Matsalen', 'Kammaren' and 'Djurparken'. In english that is the Hall, the Diningroom, the Chamber and the Zoo. Of course the Zoo is all about our animals and that is the only house which is not filled with links, but more of photos. Now and then I put up adds on pets we have to sell, but lately I've been really lazy doing that. We have right now 7 ginny-pigs, 13 rabbits and 9 grown cats. We also have 3 small kitties, but they are all spoken for, and we have 1 rooster and my youngest son has 1 tiny mouse. I've also created a "Green Pill" as a quick link to the only mailinglist there is for My Green World - Magnolia Lane. Wherever on my site you'll find this Green Pill you can go directly to Magnolia Lane. Please join it if you are interested in HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, ANIMALS, CHILDREN and are pro-family and want our world to be a wonderful place for children to grow up in. I send out information I've found elsewhere on these subjects and more. I also share my green graphics there.

My Blue Sky
The second group I sorted my website into is more about our view of reality and history. I've called this part My Blue Sky and it's under the title 'Blåa Hus', which means Blue Houses. The first three houses are named the same as the green ones, but the forth is called 'Biblioteket', which means the Library. Here you can find a few books, and planned books (though I'm not sure the last one about Runes ever will be realized). I sell the book on Atlantis, which is really really good. It is way more cheaper to buy from me then from those sharlatans that sell it on the internet, so if you want a copy just send me a mail and I'll tell you more. I have about 500 copies left and I only sell to EU. If you're from US you have to contact the author, since he has more copies.

My Blue Pill is of course taken from the movie The Matrix and it links you wherever you find it to my main page in My Blue Sky - Fairyland Poetry - which has its own mailinglist. There is one more mailinglist for My Blue Sky and that is 'Sagan Om Ringen', which directly translated means the Saga of the Ring, but it is really the swedish title for the Lord of the Rings saga. You are most welcome to join any of these two if you are interested in either HISTORY, RELIGION, ROYALTY, BOOKS and/or FANTASY and FAIRYTALES and have a curious mind to learn more about our matrix, aka the theatre we call reality. Like I said above I'll be sending out information I see fit and also share my blue graphics on both the lists.

My Red Heart
The last group I came up with is My Red Heart and it's trying to peak behind the veil and look for the occult. You'll find it under the title 'Röda Hus', that is Red Houses". Like before the first three houses are named as above, while the forth is called 'Bildateljén', which kind of means the Artstudio, or similar. There I have put up some of the graphics I've done in my PSP-classes with PSP-pals, since I feel creativity is the secret behind the love-energy which penetrates all of creations; the spirit behind our Matrix-reality. I know that sounds weird, but whilst you understand the deeper concept of matter it is not weird at all. Venus is both love and creativity, for instance in astrology. You may download and share the graphics as you like, but I have no idea if there is any so called copyrights involved, so be ware if you live in a very controlled society.

There is a total of three mailinglists for this My Red Heart and you'll come to the main ones website by clicking on the Red Pill I've put up. This, the main site, is called 'Kärlekens Cirkel', which means the Circle of Love. The second list is called 'Odjurens Tid', or the Time of the Beasts, while the third list is named 'Romeo och Julia', as in Romeo and Juliette. If any of these subjects intressed you, please join. What all of these groups really are about is too much to put up here, so go to the websites and check them out yourself. But in short the first is about MYSTERIES, ENERGIES, DIMENSIONS, SPIRITUALITY and dealing with alot of different topics which all are a little out there for the square minds. The second list is dealing with PROPHESIES and EVIL, while the third is about CREATIVITY and LOVE. I'll be sending out very odd information on all these lists, which might be too much for most to take so be aware, and I'll also now and then send some of my "red" graphics for sharing.

By adding all these wide range of subjects into my domain I could not just simply say: My site is about UFOs, or something. It is about everything I feel is important. You will not find that I've limited myself to any specific worshipping. I don't do that, and never have had an idol in my whole life. There has been people doing beautiful things, having wise thoughts and being brave and courageous and I am the first to show them my appreciation. But am not, and never will, worship them. They've done something worthwhile and that is good for them, but they are still only human beings, whith all the limitations that means in our very restrictes reality. And that is just it. Our reality is really just My Green World, since that is all we percieve in our five sences. All the rest is just what we imagin to be out there. We imagin things by studying and having scientific results, which contruct theories that anytime might be brought down by new revelations. Only today science in many occasions have become a religion, where no proof is allowed to damage the dogmas in a huge number of areas. Atleast not publicly, why there is so much rumours and stories of hidden technology, hidden cures and so on. We live in an economic world where money truly makes the world go round. Only it need not be this way. But it is cause we live only in the world we percieve as being the one that is real.

Our reality
So when we study, write books and try to imagin what is out there in the past, in the heavens, we are actually functioning on the level I would think of as My Blue Sky. We try to look up into the sky, symbolically, and wish for things to be, perhaps an angel who'd come and rescue us all from damnation. We'd search in books, libraries, scholars and all over the place to have something to believe in, which would give us that precious hope. There are ancient truths and great old filosophers, some of them thousands of years old, where we can find truths that ring beautiful in our ears, and there are plenty of messianic figures who have that knowledge today and know how to tell us these ancient truths like they just were enlightened by them. Some people portray themselves as very enlightened and gets lots of followers who truly believe this is a bright and shining star to follow, if you like to find the truth. Some of their followers will want to also be reckognized as bright people and start their own little groups.
I really wish to write more about this fenomenon, since here is a catch. Since they are both idolizing one messianic figure they are really having a blind spot. So while they are trying to act enlightened and tell their listeners how stupid they are for idolizing and worshipping, they are doing the very same thing, only they can't see it. Cause that is how it works in our matrix. It's a very fascinating thing to study and I would never dream to put anyone down for doing this, not even a person who calls me stupid and ignorant, while himself doing exactly what he blames other for doing. I would study all the peoples reactions and see that the rude person soon would find himself being attacked or ignored by both foes and friends. Some very few would stick around to be insulted. That is what happens when we are operating inside this program, which on a basic level is what I describe as My Green World, but also includes our imagined reality in books, movies, media and all things I include in My Blue Sky.

My dreams
I had two dream. In the first one I was a true GODDESS. I had unimaginable powers and I could do anything. But when I saw the humans not understanding our true reality, beyond our wildest imagination, far far out there which only I can sence within the deepest corner of My Red Heart, I was so very upset and saddened. I wanted to interfer in humanities progress into full conciousness of our wonderful and fantastic REAL reality, which I was then fully aware of and operating in. But when I tried to do so I only made things worse - much worse. There was a law I could not break inside the matrix which made me as an operator outside of it bounce when I tried to cheat. That was a big no no. I was so frustrated and woke up realizing that I was right all along; I can't force people to understand anything or believe anything. True knowledge they have to find themselves, in due time. Their game just have to take as long as it will for them.
In the second dream I was an ANGEL. I was now operating inside of the matrix, like in My Blue Sky and cause of that I was able to help people physically when they were in danger. I could come down on my wings and lift them up and save them, but I could not interfer with their spiritual progress. I could only be a helping angel. In the dream demonic forces got hold of me - they had no idea I was an angel. They tried to convince me to join them by tempting me with wonderful powers that would be mine if I did. I just laughed at them and through myself out of the very high building we were in. They gasped by astonishment, cause they truly believed I rather killed myself then joined them and that was a disapointment for them of course. But instead of falling flat to the ground I hung in the air, with my now visable bright wings, and still laughing softly said: I don't need your powers. Obviously cause I had far greater ones as I operated on a more creative level inside the matrix, trying to help others the best I could.

Speaking about dreams I had a couple of nice ones about serpents earlier on. In the first one my brother, the author of the Atlantis-book I'm selling, was there and a few others. There was a big snake and my brother wanted it to be killed - chop the head off - and gotten rid of once and for all. I was saddened, cause even if I knew it did very bad things, I wanted to take care of it and keep its essence, so I pulled the skin of it in a weird symbolic cleansing. In another dream my mother was there and a brightly yellow snake. She said to me to be careful, since the serpent could kill me. I disobeyed and reached out for the snake, which of course struck and bit my arm. I must have died, but while doing that I said to mother that I could not be killed, so she need not worry. I know she's old and worries alot about death, but has lately found great hope in that the soul never dies. There are many who says that we interact with other souls on the dreamlevel, so perhaps I tried here to help her know she was immortal by having this dream with her.

Now, this is enough for today. Like I said, my blog is about the same things as my website, and I'm not sure I will be writing here much. I've got so many other things to do and only writing this, without any investigations or linking to outside sourses has taken me well over two hours. But I have an idea I'd which to write down, as there is so much humbug going on in the spiritual awakening business that really makes me giggle as some 'know-it-alls' putting other people down for praising gurus, is at the same time living in a blind spot. No-one is perfect. Anyways, that would be fun to do, but I'm not really good at doing stuff like that, and it would need some disciplin. Right now I have a Garden Project going, which of course is connected to My Green World, health and growing your own food. In practice that only means I am fixing up our garden for a hell lot more growing space for next season, while harvesting what has grown this year. I know, the Garden Project title makes it sound so professional. I've also re-joined PSP-pals so I'll be doing a Graphics Project as well starting now in the autumn.
Love to all of you and if you would like to comment - please don't say anything really dumb, like the person who wrote that I should follow some law that was created 2 years AFTER the event I had mentioned here on this blog about our cat that was poisoned by our neighbour. Besides, that law didn't even had any effect NOW to what happened, so that was the most stupid comment I ever had gotten that I didn't even feel like replying to it, so I just deleted it. So keep it non-stupid and I will gladly add it, since I don't have any comments really, except for one very nice person and that is not much. But that is cause I write about subjects not interesting swedes I guess. Most swedes are far too intelligent and perfect to bother with a strange and peculiar person like myself. Good for them! Guess they will happily take their shots, eat their "Aromat", drink their Aspartame, use their Fluoride and live ever after, since the spirit is eternal.

Queen Angelica - Fairyland Poetry

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