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söndag 6 februari 2011

Updates for my domain Vetteljus

There has been a few changes since I last posted anything about my domain Vetteljus here on my blog Vetteljus. First I have created three Forums. One for my Green World and Magnolia Lane, which you can read and/or join here:
The second is for my Blue Sky and Fairyland Poetry, which is here:
The third is for my Red Heart and Circle of Love (= Kärlekens Cirkel):

My mailingslists for these groups are still there, but put on hold so no mails can be sent through them to the members. And I've deleted all the members as there hardly were any there anyways. Guess I wasn't shallow and superficial enough for the masses, which is fine with me. I've never jived with the masses anyways. I'm not here to jive, I'm here to put a virus into the collective consiousness of this world. Which I've been doing all my life. Today, finally, I can enjoy my transdimensional "work", as people are finally en masse "waking up" from their slumber.

Things I've known all my life to be true are getting accepted by more and more "ordinary" people. The light is pouring out and sipping into people's minds. This is amazing and I cry every time I hear someones story how they just in a few months realized what was up with this world. It takes only 3-4 months of studies to get the general picture, and even if I knew something was up, and acted as this mind-virus in the program of this reality from the start of my life, I didn't bother to study what other people thought about this reality until 2006. Until then I only focused on my creativeness, as I've always done. To create has always been my passion. To create beauty and life.

As a child I sew alot of doll-dressed I'd designed myself, and I made dresses of yarn. I always did things, even clothes to myself and my sister, from my own designs. I made clothes for many years, but when I got a garden I stopped and started to grow things. I've always loved the plants and the trees, but never liked flower pots indoors. Plants should be outdoors, unless it's winter and they are from the south and need to be indoors for awhile. Today I found a little paprika on a plant I found in the garden this fall and took inside. I'm not a good gardener so it's a challenge to do gardening. It just doesn't come natural to me as I am more the kind who loves plants as they are and it's hard to have to kill some to help others to live. But if you want to grow food you have to. This is what I dreamt I would do in my next life - gardening. But on a greater scale, not like now. I hope so and that I can go to a special school, like I'd done in my dream, to learn how to. It was nothing like on Earth and I was the first lot going to a freshly terraformed planet to start the gardening. It was so exciting and I was so happy.

When internet came I had to learn webdesigning and for awhile I neglected my garden when I was making many new homepages and alot of graphics. Now, many years later, I try and do the garden in spring and summer, and leave the graphics and websites for the low seasons. That's why I've been working alot on the domain now and made alot of new things. It's a constant work in progress, and many times I end for months and leave links with nowhere to go. I don't mind, but I guess it would annoy a serious visitor. Today not many are visiting sites like mine. In the good old days (???) I had many more visitors, so being very long on the internet haven't helped. My website just doesn't appeal to most people. It's not rational enough for the rational minds, not serious enough for the serious minds, not hip enough for the hip people, and not enough of a resource for those in need of resources. I'm talking about resources of any kind here really. People looking for tubes and graphics wont find enough of that on my site, for instance. People looking for truths and mind-blowing material wont find much of that either. I haven't really put up my site so it's showering the visitors with free-bees like that. They have to work for the tresures and most people today are not up to work for anything but "money".

What is money? I don't think anyone can answer that question correctly. I'm sure you can't. You will try, but you will fail. It's a simple question, but you don't know the answer. Cause it's just an illusion. It's no reality, so there is no answer to that. Value is in many thing, but never money. Money is nothing, really. Still most people will not work to find my treasures, which are 100% free on my domain, but day out and day in for an illusion. That illusion is luckily shared with most of us, so we'll exchange this illusion for food, clothes and other valuables. That is well, until you don't own any illusions. I don't own any hardly, cause I've failed to work hard enough to get alot of illusions, and worked hard to create real values instead. But no-one gives me food if I create a nice tube, like the magnolia I've done here. But it is of substance, even if it's made on a PC. I can print it out and make a poster of it. It's a design. Money is not even that. But we all believe in money and we give our lives to money. Money is the true GOD of this world really. Why, cause everyone worship money.

If you wish to go to my website/domain and find my tresures you are very welcome. Like this blog it is called Vett e ljus. Did you see what I did there? I know it's called Vetteljus, but if you are swedish, like me and my domain name, you'll get it, I'm sure. Vett is wisdom, e is short for is, and ljus is of course light, which stands for wisdom in all esoteric learning. So in real this name tells you that wisdom is light, and nothing less. I honestly didn't think about that when I named my domain back in 2004, as I only intuitively took that name. I love the mermaid, the music of the spheres, I also used. She sits on the moon and plays the vibrations, and then our whole creation is manifested. Our creation is like the light from the moon only a reflexion of the real light. The moon is equal to water and from the abyss of the universe's dark sea our reality came to be, through the music of the gods. And my mermaid sits there playing, like the mermaid gods of the ancient myths who once are said to have ruled our world.

My domain is a play, and visitors not getting the music in the images are only seeing the shallow symbols. Those believing themselves to be above others, from divine inspiration, have spat on my site, as they themselves are too shallow to see what it all means. One woman thought I was promoting worship of a lot of goddesses and only could see the surface. When I replied there's only one goddess, she got VERY angry at me. She thought I was so stupid, yet she herself didn't understand how to use a dictionary to learn spelling and it was hard to understand anything she wrote in our common native language, swedish. She's the only one female I know that truly hated my webpages, though a few angry feminists been attacking the half naked art, I'm promoting. Obviously they detest naked bodies. I'm not too happy with mine either, but in art you can make perfect bodies, like you wish you had. I see no problem with that, as long as they keep their private parts for themselves. I don't particulary like art of private parts in a provocing position. There is nothing like that on my site, but to some women a cleavage is enough to make their heart pump. Perhaps they are flat breasted and have a serious problem with breasts? I like breasts, so if you don't like breasts you should not go to my website at all.

About the goddess-hating woman I think what pissed her off the most was that not only did I explain to her there was only one goddess on my site, but also that that goddess was myself, and that it was just for fun. Fun was a bad word and everything was dangerous, and hellish and created by evil men, according to her. She was very affraid of any ancient symbolism, which was to her the work of evil controlling men. Her man-hate was very clear, and I felt sorry for her. It must be difficult to operate in a man's world when hating all men, and then on top of that not knowing how to use a dictionary making you look like a total idiot when writing. I guess as men might have written the dictionary that was very evil as well. I should not mock her, but she was very very nasty about my site and about me as a person. She does not know me, and my brother Leif sent her my address, cause he thought she'd like another woman's site, but she got all envious and mean instead. He'd liked her misspelled writing so much and gave her credit for it, but she did not like him, me, my site or nothing. And it was not her fault she could not spell, as she'd left the FREE education system very young and never looked back. Which is no reason not being able to spell. You learn how to spell through reading mostly, anyways.

But most books are made by evil men, I guess. There is alot of female authors, but I guess they are like me under the evil spell of evil men, so very dangerous to read. Sorry for the rant here, but this woman's attitude was just so strange, she reminded me of a UK abductee I know. Though he's much saner and nicer, even if he'd spent time on the mental ward after his breakdown. Or rather, his awakening. But there is a method to his madness, once you learn what he wish to transmit. He knew the young man Rik Clay, who was so interesting and I had so high hopes for. But in his last mail he said he was through and all his stuff on the internet is gone. Perhaps there is a few interviews left with him. It's kind of odd this woman reminded me of this man, Matt. Think she had something similar going, but understanding what she understood she did the same error Matt did. Both underestimated other peoples journeys, thinking they themselves upheld all the answers. That is the biggest error a human being ever can make. We are all pieces of a whole, and though every piece contains the whole, we only can project to the world our selected piece, or image. So no-one is quite like you in this game called reality. You are unique and believing you are better is just your own illusion.

So, if you never "wake up" and can see the emperor is butt-naked, that is your journey. To grow and become a greater woman/man you only have to stop ridiculing everyone proclaiming the sodder is just that - naked. Today forums are filled with sleeping beauties dreaming about the handsome emperor in his fancy dresses, and their lives seem to revolve around making every non-believer look stupid. They are very clever at that and I must say their logic is making more loops and hoops than a circus acrobat, but they do it so well. I'm impressed. Still I know that they should not insult others like they do, as that will only dig a hole for themselves as the more they insult and ridicul, the more they invest in not being wrong about their gordeous emperor. The greater the fall if they must admit their foolishness. To be a bit humble to others might help, when you yourself have not studied a subject or bothered with all the work it takes to penetrate even one little lie in the humungus web of lies that's been spun around us all.

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