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tisdag 21 juni 2016

Weddings, Cats and Other Issues

Someone liked a comment I made long ago under a video, and I noticed this was the ANSWER to my oldest daughter's question. I will post that at the bottom of this long and boring rant. I know I've told her a zillion times this, but she does NOT want to understand. So she said in her normal belittling way that "how can you know your sister been planning this for 20 yrs?". She had just spoken to "poor" narcissistic granny to invite her to her wedding, after she earlier had said she would not do that as she feared I would be in a bad mood if she did. Well, I will be and I still had told her to do what SHE feels is right for her, as it's HER wedding, not mine. 

Besides, as things are evolving I might not go at all, as she wants her brother and his girlfriend to go and after what that girlfriend has been doing to me she might very well use the wedding to make more shame and blame onto me. Saying she will not go to her boyfriend's sister's wedding if I am there, and such shit. It's cause her mother used her stories about me and had me reported to the animal protection (my arse) authorities. I can't prove that, but there were things those inspectors accused me of that only my son and his girlfriend had been on about. Like the little lost kitty I found who had fleas. Only those knew this, and I was accused of having fleas on all my pets, lots of kitties, never shaving my cats, or cutting and grooming them, and not taking any ill animals to the vet, or giving them any medications, and so on. 

All sounding horrible and very cruel, but every piece having a story behind that explains that this was not random rantings of a stranger. And we don't have house guests who could had done this, as even my own mother did not know all these little tid bits. Stuff happening during these 3 years this girl has been in our lives, taken out of it's context and made to look really horrible. Let me just explain ONE such item. The cat that died that was not taken to the vets was a WILD cat and NOT ours. After 5 years feeding him I was able to touch his nose. He scratched me and ran away. After a couple of more years he trusted me to pet him, and after a couple of more, at the very end, he let us LIFT him up. We even managed to cuddle him!!! But to brake that trust and take him to the vets and have him traumatized, when all that was wrong with him was OLD AGE... No thank you. 

He was atleast 15 years old by then and he was obviously lethally ill. She's never seen any other animal not taken to the vets when being ill. EVER. Unless I could cure them myself and it was just something minor that did not need others input. She's seen animals go from minor problems to totally healed by me, but I'm sure she only told her mother the gory details. There were so many more things the inspectors knew which I rarely speak about to others. Like the old dog's all problems. I've mentioned a few of them to this girl, and the inspectors knew all I said to her. I know nobody else, outside or inside our family, that could list those ailments as well as that girl could, as she's obsessed with animals and their health issues. And you need to understand that whatever issue at hand she might had gone and complained to her mother about them one after another.

Her mother is obsessed with illness aswell, and thrives on getting attention and pity when either her pets or children or herself are having issues. She's put two ill puppies down just in the last year or so, gaining alot of sympathy from others. She even bought one of them, fully well knowing she was ill. I could not really understand why, and thought she was dead nice doing this, but maybe she just loves the attention of being Mother Theresa? It's also a fact that this mother has been reporting atleast TWO animal owners that I know for sure. I suspect atleast 1 or 2 others to have been the victims of her quest for animal justice. Only, what happens is that if the owners can't find a new home in time for their pets they are put down. I know atleast of one dog that was killed due to this mother and her daughter reporting the owners. So that the main issue of the complaint was that our old dog needed to be put down was quite telling.

I'm telling you all of this to make you see what a horrible thing has happened to me and my family. I have 2 cats of my own and they are solid longhaired whites. My oldest daughter gave me back another solid white, so now I have 3. My oldest son gave me back his black-and-white, which his girlfriend blackmailed me to take back. Turned out her mother scared them with their landlord getting angry on them if they did not- While the puppy ripping the house apart was fine to keep? Obviously cause she knew this cat would be "one too many" for our household and she could get me into trouble after I had agreed to take him in. So with him I have now 4 cats of my own. My oldest daughter also could not take in her black-and-white cat, who lived with my son earlier on for a long time. This cat I got back last year, when they moved to their new home. If I count him as my own too I still only have 5 cats. 

But my son living at home has a kitty who will become adult by fall and then he will be counted too. That is our family's 6th cat. My youngest daughter has 3 cats of her own, one of them is rarely home and a few times we've counted her as missing as she stays away so long. Maybe she has another home too? With them we have full house of 9 cats, and if it was not for the oldest daughter bringing her old cat back to hers we'd not make the limit. We tried to make our son do the same with his old cat, but he lost her for three weeks and she was not found until I found out via others she was lost and could go and retrieve her. Still he returned her so now we will be above the limit as soon as the kitty reaches maturity by fall. If the girlfriend's gossip has caused her mother to act out all Joan d'Arc on us and gone to "save the animals" we might soon find ourselves without all of them. And what is worse is that they pin a restriction order on you that makes it illegal for you to EVER own any pets in the future. 

That is what makes so many animal lovers commit suicide as they can't imagine living in a world without pets. You see, that not only are they not allowed to not own any pets, they are not allowed to even be around animals EVER again. It's like the most gruesome punishment you could ever imagine for someone who's best friends used to be animals. They are murdering alot of people this way, and their beloved best friends. They put almost all animals down, and only very expensive ones they sell for the profit. Some they bring home for free to have themselves, like horses. Most are just killed, even lots of healthy horses. Dogs, cats and lesser pets are almost always killed. My son's girlfriend lied to me and said that never happened, and that they were to live in a nice new home. Most likely her lies came from her mother. So this is the background to WHY I was upset with her.

Instead of repenting and understanding what an evil bitch she's been to her boyfriend's mother, she started to smear me for all sorts of posts I'd made on FACEBOOK that "offended her". Honestly I don't think anything offended that girl, but she only used it to make my son hate me and bully me, and he ran to his sister and smeared me so she turned on me and also started to bully me. I told her I felt so let down by them, when I really needed them. Then she invited her granny to the wedding, not caring anymore that means that it will be ruined for me. That she did not even discuss this with me before she invited her granny shows me that she did it to hurt me. Just like she had decided to not invite her so to not hurt me, she behind my back both promised to go to her granny on her birthday AND invite her to her wedding, without saying a word to me. If she'd told me this openly I would had accepted it, but doing it behind my back is what hurts. She even mocked me after she'd told me!

She's not so far admitted she will go and see her granny on her birthday. She most likely think I don't know about that, but obviously my mother immediately had to brag about this feat of hers to reel my offspring in from me. So I found out from my brother, the one also tormeneted by these bullies, who's had his oldest son body snatched by first his evil mother and then by his nasty brother. They of course are ever so kind and charming to the offspring! I've had lots of moments since this attack was launched against me by the anonymous caller to the animal protection people, when I don't even want to go to that wedding. When I was ment to look after my grandson I could feel I had a duty to go, as I could not let him or his mother down. But that was the only light in the dark tunnel. Now some other woman will do that and it feels like my daughter does not trust me doing it anymore. She says it's so I can "enjoy myself". 

Then my son and his girlfriend might not come if I'm there, so how can I go? He's not been in contact on mother's day, nore on my birthday, and he also igornored his little sister's sweet 16. This is like my closest brother and his crazy girlfriend Veronica all over again. That was a major traumatic series of events around my own wedding, where we went from my brother being all positive and wanting us to have a double wedding, to totally severing all bonds with me for the most ridiculous reasons. One being me inviting my friend at that time, just cause she also was his latest girlfriend. It was not him being upset really, as him being upset due to his new girlfriend being upset, and she'd refused to attend the wedding even for unknown reasons. His new girlfriend later on stole my first born kitty and had rage fits about me not being allowed to go and see him or visit them. My brother sided with her in all of this, and this thing with my son's girlfriend has opened up those wounds. 

I went from being really close to this brother I grew up with, to never ever being even near close to him after this. He never forgave me for ruining the wedding for him, or getting upset over the stolen kitty. I'm not kidding you - that is how it all felt like to me. Like I had all the reasons to be upset over him trying to ruin my wedding, and him helping his girlfriend steal the kitty, but my rights to be upset were denied, and theirs were uplifted as righteous, when they were merely cruel and selfish. It was MY wedding, not his, and that is why I said my daughter should not let ANYONE pressure her to invite anyone she does not like there. Not cause my mother will sigh and look bored, like my daughter fears, or cause she will drink and get embarrassing, like my son fears, but cause she made the choice to lie and treat us like crap. She has not regretted it either, and my mother even said to me that she had never been happier then these years after father died, as she could help out to torment me and my oldest brother, smearing us to everyone! Well, father would not had allowed that, I guess? 

She also threatened to have me reported 3 times to the police when she was here for demanding some kind of honest apology for the lies she's spread about us these years. She made up that was three crimes to ask for that! She also said she was looking forward to testify against us in court, and that she would do everything exactly the same way again, if she got that chance. This is the granny my father-in-law thinks deserves to be on my daughter's wedding. Ruining it totally for me! So now me deleting him from my Facebook (without me knowing then he'd done this behind my back) seems Karmic. I was dead nice to him when I saw him last time. All empathetic with him and what his complaints where. So here he goes and forces my evil mother onto me and onto my daughter. My daughter now felt really bad and guilty and didn't want her other grandparents and other people to think ill of her. So she caved in. 

I said I do understand that as noone could understand how wicked my mother truly is. All they see is this little old lady that looks so pathetic and helpless. The only joy in life some of these little grey ladies seem to have is to torment people like myself. My daughter said both her and my son were now against my decision to shun all these bullies out of my life, and called it that I would not be around "people". They are NOT people. They are bullies. My son's girlfriend sided with my mother already 2 years ago, and I could tell she did not know what I was talking about. She's quite daft really, so after that I stopped talking to her about these issues, as I realized she was a bully too. She was bragging about making other peoples lives a misery at school, hurting others, bullying them. And every time I spoke against bullying, she sided with a smirky face with the bullies. Even my son started to side with his own bullies at school!!! He said it was just a little fun, and he gave as good as he got, which is all bullocks since I was there. 

The bully and his sidekick tormented my son until he was in shreds, and thanks to me speaking with the Headmaster it all stopped. That I had done that is now out of my son's head. Now I have never done anything for him, and all the trillions little things are all deleted, void and no more. Just like all the trillions little things my father did for us children, and my mother magically were removed from our minds, when she slowly slithered into our lives after we got adult. Up till my late teens she totally ignored me, and then she got more and more involved the older I got. She guilttripped me to do anything her golden children asked, specially my sister. I was her little sidekick she could mess around with and from then on whatever selfassureness I'd gained as a young adult was soon gone out of the window. Her normal slimey agenda seemed to be to make me divorce my husband, and she worked steadily for that to happen from the first time she laid eyes on him. 

The thing is that people like this don't act out overtly and openly as often as they pretend to want to help you. Sometimes they do help you, which is the confusing part of it all. To all the outsiders you look like the abuser, since you are the one being upset. The cold snake is never upset, but is "concerned for your wellbeing". My daughter even mimicked that expression after she'd been contradicting me on EVERYTHING that I put out there. Whatever I said, she was saying the opposite. She mocked me as usual for talking only about myself. She accused me of not showing any interest in her affairs. And so on. All the while I feel shunned by both my oldest daughter and my oldest son now! They are just like my husband and the younger children not sharing anything with me anymore. When I visited my daughter a few weeks ago she was not mocking me for the issues that is deeply hurtful for me, and we spoke about her problems around her little son.

My husband was a little pissed as he had wanted her all to herself, and I felt really guilty for letting her talk to me!!! But that is what I miss about my daughter. That she SPEAKS TO ME. Somehow she thinks I only thinks about myself, while not understanding that when she brings up issues that takes me back to the BLACK HOLE she's the one making me explain the same thing again and again. For instance, like when she accused me of not knowing my sister had planned this coupe after father died for 20 years. But I do know that!!! I was there when she told me 20 years ago, only I did not understand what my sister ment with it back then. Something I got painfully aware of after father had died. With that I don't claim she'd planned it on DETAIL level, only the main thing. To get a house for free from the death estate! THAT was the whole and full plan she's had, and the WILL that someone found back in December 2014 proves that my statement is true. 

I'm the only one I know about who my sister told this about her fears for not getting the house for free already back in 1992 or 1993. So that is only my words on it, but the WILL is unrefutable evidence that she did try to get this house for as little as possible. Now that WILL does not state that she'd get this house for free, and that I know both my brothers also believed for 20 years, that she'd gotten this house for free. No, the WILL clearly shows that even she knew it never was for free! In 2013 my closest brother went from claiming our sister got the house for free, and that there were no papers on this, to the same conditions as we found in this WILL and that he'd known about the paper all the time. Something really fishy and odd is going on here, as our mother used to tell us our sister got the house for free too. Then as soon as our sister changed her mind, and stated that she indeed had a paper, just like I had said she'd shown me, both mother and this brother said they'd always known this!!! WTF??? 

Mother and brother even went on to say that me and the other brother always known this too!!!! No, we had not. I found out when my sister showed the paper on the 30 September 2012, two days after father died. The brother also caught a climps of this paper, but it took him another 6 months before he realized what paper he'd looked at, as he was still during the winter dead set there was no paper. I know that as I tried to talk to him about it at that time, and he brushed me off stating our sister had NO paper, and this he was sure about. Yes, we were all sure about this, as this is the lie our sister has been telling us for 20 years. So how can my daughter, who knows all of this, now tell me I AM THE DELUDED one? When I sent her the proof, like I mentioned above, she ignored it. Cause it proves that my sister planned it for 20 years, just like I've been stating all along. The unsigned WILL is the SMOKING GUN in this issue. 

The trauma my daughter feels I should "get over" is to NOT BE BELIEVED. Every time someone I LOVE with all my heart denies reality and mocks me, like she did, for being nuts, I loose it. If she cannot stop hurting me she has to go. I love her so much and I wish I could help her with her son, but as long as she aids my tormentors and helps them to hurt me and mocks me after she's been hurting me this way, she has to go. There is no other solution to this problem. I have three other children to care for, and after my son instead of going to seek my help when he was in pain, went to my daughter, he's turned on me too. He's not behaving like my son anymore, but like my daughter, when she's mocking me. He's started to mock me too. So his girlfriend took my mother's side, and he hates his granny, but after his sister rather pities my sister and feels bad about not liking her granny, I am fearing he thinks I'm the nutter too. It's cause the one being tormented gets more and more triggered for every re-inforcement of the trauma they have to suffer through.

That my family are being targeted again by these gangstalkers, anonymous snitches and pathological civil servants, where my other children risk to loose their pets, makes everything so much worse, as the two oldest instead of showing 100% support to us, starts to bring up old hurts and rip up old wounds. When you attack someone down by ripping up old wounds, ontop of new ones, you break them down the best. When those you trusted and loved turn on you, it is very detramental. I don't know how to get out of this hole my children have put me in. Why did they attack me when I was so upset and scared for our pets? Why did they side with the girl who's been lying about me? Yes, to my daughter the girl is all acting innocent, and to my son she's said she's never said a word to anyone. As if she can make me believe she did not tell her mother all her own stupid ideas that my son kind of revealled to me through the years. 

Also my husband overheard her once having fun over a lie she'd told her mother about me!!! If my husband had not heard her and my son talk about how I had been set up as the guilty one in one of their lies I would not had known that those kids were using me as a scapegoat. That was only one time he overheard them. How many more lies has that girl made up about me? Many stupid things my son has told me she was ranting about concerning our pets were stuff the inspectors believed to be solid truths, as they came here. That said, it was clear the girl had no idea someone had me reported, but she did not seem to care that I had been. She more or less mocked me that I should let them report me, as if she thought "someone" had complained to me and threatened to have me reported. WHO would do that, she thinks? She's the only one I know that concider me an animal abuser. Well, she says that a boy I helped alot when he grew up had called me an animal abuser too, but how do I know he ment it, or why he said it? 

I think he did say it, but I don't know how he said it or why. Besides, he's accused my son and his girlfriend of killing chickens, when they were not. They were killing frogs, which made me very angry, as I love frogs. But it was NOT his mother's chickens, which he'd claimed to us parents, and he also made threats to call the police on them. I also know my son's girlfriend was obsessed with this boy for a long time and it really annoyed me too, as much as it annoyed him. I know he wanted my son to break up with her. Maybe he was right? I think I need to talk to him about this, but since he was my son's bully at school too, I still have mixed feelings about him. I do love him alot, and I also am very sad he's how he is. I love so many people that don't love me back, and it's been my normal. I do think my daughter loves me, but she's very angry with me and find it pleasurable to make me upset and very hurt. I think she feels like she can like me better if I am in tears? 

I don't know, but what she found out after she made me loose my marbles was nothing I couldn't had told her if she'd only asked instead of mocking reality and facts. That is that I love them all so very much, each and every one who've hurt me and betrayed me, but most of all my own children. That they don't like me and can stand me even is the last straw that will break this camels back. So that is why my mother is trying to defame me as a last effort to destroy me. Just like she's been defaming my oldest brother. It was clear from what my daughter said to me when we drove back from her grandparents that she feels contempt for this brother. I am sometimes mad at him, like you can be on anyone, but I get over it and I never feel he's a bad person or that he does not know what he does. We don't share opinions on everything, and that is fine. But to disrespect him the way she did was NOT fine. 

That was the same malignancy I grew up with, and something she used to fight against. Now she's embracing it, just like her cousin is, the oldest son of my brother. They are now BOTH making up excuses for our lying siblings and cohorting with the malignant granny. Unlike their younger siblings.
My two youngest can absolutely not stand their granny and they've never had any kind of relationship with my lying siblings. Only my oldest son had some, and that was with my closest brother, who I consider the least malignant of them all, though he's very overtly rude and mean. He's acting out the toxin that resides in my mother and sister, in my opinion! Just like he acted out his girlfriend's toxin back in 1989. The girlfriend called Veronica. I feel he kind of reminds me of my oldest son, as they both are very easy to snare with selfpity and get to attack those that love them the most. Veronica did not love my brother even 1% of how much I loved him and what she made him do to me broke my heart.

I forgave him kind of, but he never apologized. Instead he did more mean things, as if to make those others alright by doing more. Veronica was not the first mean thing he'd done, so we need to go back to find out why he's mean to me. I don't want to do that as then I get flashbacks and get into very disturbing territory. I prefer to stick to that we had a close bond in 1989, and then Veronica happened. It's easier then drag up every forgotten little hurt and weird maybes from the past. The same thing with my son, that there has been a few other times we've fallen out, but never like this. My son and I am very alike in one aspect - we are easy to anger and equally as easy to forgive and forget and move on. Unless someone won't let us do this. My solution always been to move out of a situation I can not fix. If it is too bad to ignore and forgive I move away from it all and forget about it. 

I cannot move away from my son and forget about him, as him and I was perfectly fine until his girlfriend said I needed to speak to my son about the issue with them needing to help me out with the too many cats situation. Whatever she'd said to him before I tried to speak to him he was enraged already. He was not one bit interested in what weird accusations that had been made against ME - not our household, or me and my husband, but only me. He was in shreds over what "crime" I had done!!! What they had "found" on me, and such things. My guess is that his girlfriend used this to make out that she was right about my animal abuse all the time! And he was therefore feeling let down by me, and did therefore not want to hear my "excuses", which is all the false allegations the cowardly snitch had said. All he wanted was to find out there was nothing really horrible I've done. So she must had said something utterly foul about me, to make him that upset. 

My daughter believes she is a virgin saint, just like my son thinks her mother is. No, they are both mean bullies, attacking those that are weak and vulnerable, then pretending they are the ones being attacked. They use anything you do to make you look horrible - I mean ANYTHING. Me getting so very hurt by what they texted to me, that they used. I told them they were mean, since they obviously were, and that I now regretted helping them getting the puppy. Instead of feeling guilty for declining to help me out ONCE, after all the trillions times I've helped them out, they used that about the puppy to tell others how "insensitive" I was, as they were so fearful something MIGHT happen with her, as all her siblings been put down for attacking others. First off, there are alot of maybes there, and I've been attacked for real and could for real have ALL the family pets put down, thanks to her mother. Who else? She loves reporting people and she obviously dislikes me! 

Secondly, they forgot to tell others they'd refused to help me out when I wrote that, and it was thanks to them the extra cat got known by her mother. The one they dumped on me. My daughter told me that it was my own fault and that I had agreed to take him in!!! This is the exact same abuse my family of origin is doing to us they are abusing. They ditch their own reponsibibilities onto you, using pity cards that makes you into an abuser if you don't help them out. If something goes wrong they tell others it's all your own fault for agreeing to help them out!!! My brother had a dog he one day said was mine, then he did whatever he wanted with his dog, told everyone it was my dog, so all was my fault. It's the typical guiltshift a narcissist does!!! Another shame trick this girlfriend is doing now is telling people I call her a narcissist. I've NEVER told her she's a narcissist to her face, or anywhere that she knows of. If she reads this - which is anonymous - yes, I call her a narcissist as all bullies are narcissists, and she already back in 2013 called HERSELF a bully. 

So by that - she HERSELF calls herself a narcissist. I can only concure that she is having many traits of narcissism, but I still have hope she can outgrow a few, though the chances of that are getting slimmer by the day. Her best friend was a total narcissist, and my son used to date her and she got all crazy and lying on him. And most of her friends are all very narcissistic, but many seem very sweet too. Young people are OFTEN narcisssistic, but outgrows it in most times enough to not be total asshats. Her mother on the other hand for sure thinks she's Mother Theresa, and saving all people and animals from a faith worse then death. My first impression of that woman was Munchhausen per proxy, and so far I've not seen any signs this was in any way wrong. Before my son got involved with her he had loads of selfesteem, now he thinks he's a muppet who can't read or write and stand on his two own legs. He told me she has helped him so much, so I guess this is all her work then? 

I will NOT deny the existance of her suicided daughter. That is another thing you are not allowed to mention close to his girlfriend, so I never do. Guess who did it? My daughter. She found some anonymous story about a woman who'd put her dead daughter's cat down, and she shared it with my son, as she thought it could be about his girlfriend's mother. She said she did not intend his girlfriend to see it, which proves how LITTLE my daughter knows her brother. It was VERY malignant of her to bring that story to his attention, as a normal caring and empathetic person would had read the full story and empathized with ME, not my son's girlfriend. Then she still sided with the girlfriend and her mother, whom she knows very well is the only one who possibly could had had me reported, after she is told that the girlfriend had okeyed the cat to be put down, as it turned out it was her cat. 

That was done shortly before they got an own apartment to her, and despite me telling her mother the cat could live with us, where her owner lived, the mother put her down. According to the girl she agreed, but she also has claimed that she was still in mourning over her sister up till this spring, so why did her mother not understand that and hold off the murder of an innocent animal? It was plain mean and that my daughter and son can't see that is above me. The girlfriend has been traumatized so many times I don't blame her for getting more and more narcissistic. She's been hoovered back in by her mother, and she's been gaslighted and love bombed and had her head filled with her mother's thoughts. She's not the girl I thought she was, for whatever reason. She obviously denies that it's her mother who is doing this to us, and from all input I've had she's convinced my son and daughter that I'm the crazy one for accusing her mother. So much that she was told we suspected her, which we'd told our daughter NOT to tell.

My daughter obviously said many other untruths to them about me, so I don't trust her one bit anymore. Like telling my son I am compairing him to my sister, which is the most stupid thing I've ever heard, as I have compaired him to my brother, whom also had an attraction to damsells in distress and shunned me due to one of his worst fiancées. There is no likeness between my sister and my son, apart from my scare of loosing my son, like I lost my sister. And there it ends. Concidering I lost my sister due to her own misdeeds, and my brother due to him believing my sister, there is again only likeness with my brother, if my son does not realize I am not the one abusing anyone, but the one being abused. Someone DID report me and used all intel his girlfriend likes to exaggerate and make ridiculous claims about, and got it mixed up with total untruth. But that does not matter to the Gestapo, that is our present animal protection officers. They break laws, lies and con to get your money! So they exaggerate and make up stuff to make you pay. While your reputation is in tatters and you have to move away from your beloved home. The home we had hoped to live in to the end!

So I don't know how they found out I was suspecting this mother, but I'm pretty sure my daughter was very helpful and told them. So by now I cannot trust my own daughter anymore. I feel I can't trust my son, whom I used to trust 100% . I feel they all sided with the one who had me reported and that feeling does not go away with any of them shaming me for being mad at this woman. The story where I mentioned her dead daughter was about her bashing me for "breaking animal care laws". The only thing was that they saw the matted fur on the cat the youths had - on this mother's own request it seems - returned to me. There were two others almost cut cats and all others were fine when they came and looked at them. But the cat that destroyed everything was the one they forced onto me, since the mother found out I had too many cats and the youths left him with matted fur to me. So I wrote about her dead daughter's cat, who she had failed to cut and care for so she was all matted. She'd been so bad she'd had to be shaved all over the place, both belly and back. 

We had not such bad cats, and the worst one we had was not seen by the inspectors. It was my oldest daughter's cat, she'd dumped on me after two times taken care of her. I did not agree to be the one grooming or cutting all her cats she has here, so in my head this was my daughter's problem. Yes, I could help out, but not take on all her problems. She's been here alot and could had cared somewhat about her three cats. She only petted them, and never tried to groom them or cut their furs. She is both me and my husband's daughter, so in my book her cats are both of ours problem, if she fails them. Still - somehow all these bullies blame me for this, and all of them feel entitled to let me down. My daughter was first very supportive, but when she came accross my son's girlfriend's bashing of me, she sided with them instead. She says the girl has done nothing wrong, and that I'm the one making it up and being mean to them. Like saying anonymously behind her back that this unnamed mother had a far worse matted cat !!!! 

Wow, now that was mean compaired to them calling me an animal abuser for not wanting to sell my own cat and her offspring! And them feeling entitled to feel sorry for themselves as their puppy MIGHT get crazy and angry cause I said I regretted helping them get her. Well, if I'd not done that I would not had been in the mess I am in. Now all my younger children might have their cats put to death. My cats and all the ones the two oldest children left here might be put to death. And the dog I bought from my son's girlfriend might be put to death. And of course the one the snitch wanted dead - the old dog - might have to die months before her time. All thanks to the tales by this girl. My daugther looked shocked when I told her how this saintly girlfriend has been ranting behind my son, when he'd been on the phone, about our SICK animals and the fleas and infestation they all suffer from. The sever neglect I am doing to them. She looked bewildered, as in my son's fairytales I'm the wicked witch, who's yelling and hurting HIM. 

No, he's the one who yelled at me, and then he ignored me, and ignored me. Well, that is also fine, according to my daughter. My son treating me like shit, not replying to anything, anywhere, is fine. Him not greeting me even on my birthday is fine too? She looked a tad bit shocked about that, and also that he ignored his sister. His brother has not heard from him, and the only one I know now is speaking to him is his oldest sister, and while she blames ME for making it worse, she's the one snitching on my anonymous story, to make my son pissed on me. I knew he'd never see that himself and his girlfriend already blocked me as my daughter told me she was mad at me for writing about me being reported on Facebook. So I unfriended her to spare her the embarrassement. Besides, she'd already told me more or less it was my own fault for having "too many cats" and to sell some of my cats. I owned TWO CATS at that time. 

After she found out I got really angry on her for saying that, as most cats are not even mine, she instead convinced my son he should sell the cat he got from me. My own cat's first born kitty I gave to my son since I love him so much. He was not forced to take the cat, but his old cat had died and he was HAPPY to get a new one. He loved that cat, up till now. Now he agreed with his girlfriend that he should sell this cat. Over my dead body, let us put it that way. His girlfriend knows the cat's story, how special that cat is to me. I've told her this many times. So when I refused to let them sell him, they pretended they would indeed take him in, which did not make sence as they'd called me an animal abuser for trying to convince them he could live in the barn for the summer. I was desperate to SAVE HIM and he had lived with them for two years and know their farm very well. He'd just been a few weeks with me then. 

But my gut got a very BAD feeling about this sudden change of mood, and that they would indeed take him in. So I refused to let them have him, and instead let them have my son's old female cat. He's always had one old and one young, one male and one female. But shortly after he got his old cat she vanished and nobody told me. After 3 weeks I found out that she was missing and that nobody could find her. Well, my husband was told after 2 weeks, and he told me a few days later, but said he'd fix it. He failed so then I went with the youngest daughter and we fixed the problem. It was a lovely day and everyone and everything was lovely. I felt like a normal human being, nobody bullied me, nobody told me I was a mental fuck case, and nobody looked at me as if I was the most ugly and disgusting person on Earth. That until it was time to return the cat to my son. 

Then I had to sit in the car and my husband took the cat in and told them he'd found the cat. I asked him if he told them WE - his wife and daughter - had done it, and he did say he'd mentioned that we'd been looking for the cat during the day. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. I never heard a peep from my son, thanking me or his sister for our effort, as it's HIS CAT. I've not yelled at them for loosing the cat, but I yelled at my husband for nobody TELLING ME. For weeks. The poor cat was already in a bad condition due to tummy problems, and needed to gain weight. I was furious these bullies called ME an animal abuser, then neglect to contact the person most likely to make her appear and let her suffer needlessly for weeks. They also used this as another pity ploy as they were too shy to talk to neigbours. Well then, WHY did they not ask me then???

No, they asked my husband, who was too busy to care. After several days he mentions this to our oldest daughter and I'm in the room just overhearing it. I can't believe how vile and nasty my own family has turned on me!!! Why are they treating me this way? Whomever reported ME must had known that my own family consider the pets "mine" and not "ours". My children and their partners all must think my husband is perfectly innocent, that he never wanted any pets? That I have bullied all my children into agreeing to take on kitties, as I could not bare to loose them? Well, what a load of bullocks. The tale of our cats begins with my husband, only my boyfriend back then, wanting to gain my favours so he fixes me up with a friend of his who's just had four kitties. I'm promised to get whomever I want and I choose Rufus, the big red and white tom cat. But my husband falls in love with Taxi, the small callicoe girl. So we take BOTH. 

We also pick a kitty to my mother, the almost fully red other tom cat. A couple of months later my mother leaves the kitty with my father and MY BOYFRIEND gets enraged and we have to go all the way down to south of Sweden to pick him up. WHY??? I did not care as my father is perfectly fine taking care of him, and it was none of our business. But MY BOYFRIEND has to "save him" from my family. I feel really bad about this still and my mother got really sad too. (Sorry mommy.) I know I'm angry with her alot, but the thing is, sometimes she might have a reason to be angry on others. If this had had anything to do with my mother having my previous cat killed, by disobeying my orders to not have him outdoors, it would had made sense to me, but it was when the kitty came to my father he got upset. WHY? My father was far better taking care of kitties then mother ever was. 

But the story does not end there. Awhile after we'd gotten this kitty MY BOYFRIEND decided to help the kitties breeder out and take care of the last kitty also. She got then pregnant with her brothers and we got more kitties. So you see - how could this had been up to me??? Obviously I was only too weak to put a stop to it. Another thing that was NOT may fault was the persian cat that we got in wedding present from my parents-in-law. I had wanted a female kitty, but another sister-in-law to me got her, so I was told I could buy a male and was looking at this one, but had not made up my mind. Then I get him as a GIFT !!! How is this my fault - again??? Later on these parents-in-laws were bashing me for my many cats. Go figure. I never bred on this persian as he was butt shit crazy and I had wanted a female. So later on I did buy myself that. 

Now you see - I've so far reported on TWO cats of my own choice and FOUR forced onto me by others. Of the litter of kitties we got one was stolen by my brother's girlfriend, and one I SOLD to my mother's sister. Still I was not allowed to return my mother's cat, mind you. My now husband refused to let me do that! I only wanted to keep the longhaired callicoe female, but my husband loved the crazy tortoia, so he kept her. Again, did you now notice how we are now down to 3 on my side, and 5 on his or his family? I then buy the female tortoia persian I already counted, and then a red and white longhaired half persian we were told was a female. Turned out to be a male, which was fine. So now I had 4 on my side and my husband & co 5. My husband's callicoe cat gets pregnant with her brother and we keep a male, which is obviously my husband's kitty. Again - me 4 and his side 6.

I do hope you get the picture how this somehow turned into a problem I created, while it was my husband who started it and got the train going. I did breed many kitties, but I sold most of them. When I did want to keep a kitty it happened I had to keep some other the children opted for. So by 2001 my husband had lost all cats he'd brought in and I had even sold the crazy wedding gift cat. Left was my own persian, her son and daughter, a cousin to them my aunt asked me to take care of, and then some more of the childrens, all in all 9 cats, as we moved out here. A few died that year, like my husband's first cat, her daughter, and the longhaired from our first litter, her son. All very beloved cats. 

After we came here I did not get another cat until 2005, despite my persian being really old and her daughter dying 2002. All these years here I've more or less only had one or two cats I could truly call "mine", and that includes the cat my aunt had me take care of. But since my husband never openly admitted any cats as his, he could spin the pity stories I was the crazy cat lady. His daughter got a new cat in 2002, and her baby sister got her first cat in 2003 after a dream she had. In 2004 I had found a cat I wanted to sell, but my oldest son lost his female cat and wanted her instead. My husband is very fond of this cat as she's like a reincarnation of the kitty he kept from our first litter. She was the one that was lost for three weeks now! In my opinion my husband loves the pets as much as I do, but he avoids any responsibility by framing me as the crazy cat lady to everyone else. 

Even my daughter bashed me one day for her poor father being so tired of having the house destroyed by all these cat I have. Well, sorry, but my daughter has had far more cats then I have since we bought this house. She had a litter in 2007 and was ordered to sell 3 of them. She only gave one away and the rest stayed in the family. Not what I'd told her to do, but after she gave them as "gifts" to her youngest siblings I was put in a tight spot as taking away a birthday gift or christmas gift is pretty lousy. So she conned me! In 2009 I had the only litter I ever got on my cat, and I'm still upset I could not have any more, as that was the purpose of me bying this beautiful half Norwegian Forest cat back in 2005. I had intended to sell the white male back to his mother's breeder, as she'd asked me to do so if I ever got a kitty like that. But my daughter begged me to please let her have him, and she would use him in breeding. 

She only bred on him once, and did not follow the procedures so she got conned by a psychopath who reported HER to the police, while it was my daughter who'd not gotten paid. I should not had bothered to report the mean girl like my daughter did, as it was so stupid of her to no listen to my advice to ALWAYS get paid BEFORE returning the cat to her owner. Breeders always do it that way for a reason - psychopaths. In 2012 and 2013 my youngest daughter had kitties on the female she'd gotten from her sister. The dad was my oldest daughter's cat she'd gotten from me. Now both those from 2012 are dead, and only 2 survived from 2013. One is mine and one is my daughter's. So today, many years down the road my husband has not admitted that any pets is his, my oldest daugher has still 2 cats she's claimed as hers living here, my oldest son has 2 cats here, and the two children actually living here have all together 4 cats. 

That makes all in all 10 cats, and when the kitty gets one we have to get rid of one of these cats! Is that just not horrible? The other day we had to put down one cat, the last cat born 2012, and soon after we came home his mother turned up. She's been mostly missing these last 2 months, rarely seen in the dark. I thought she was lost. So she's back and we yet again have 10 cats. Though we are happy she's back we still have the problem of having one too many, unless she's been living with the neighbour we asked to take her in. They are a little peculiar so maybe they did take her in and only forgot, and she was only here greeting her old home? We need to speak to them again, as my husband did before, and I think I need to speak directly myself. 

So let's go back to the issue I began blogging about. It's easier to speak about practical things like the cats, and to explain that what others believe is not necessarily the truth, and that others wish to put the blame on others and get out of guilt might make them frame the one who did take on the responsibility. You see, no matter how many cats my husband claimed as his, I was the only one cleaning up after them. He buys them food and stuff, but never do the actual dirty works. He never cuts any furs either really. If asked he might help out to hold a cat. He more or less has done with our pets what he did with our children - left all the hard work to me. He never helps out with cleaning, washing and very rarely the dishes. He does however make food sometime during the weekends and vacations. More cause he prefers his own before mine, I think. 

When he does anything it is if it shows. He's very mad at the snitch for claiming that it smells urine all around our house, as he's worked very hard to fill in all the empty holes after all the digging up. He dug up alot too! So much hard work to make our home smell nice and fresh and make our garden look very nice, with all the flowerbeds I've made. We worked both very hard, and then some evil liars have written in an official document that this lie was TRUE !!!! That they went all around the house and it ranked of urin. No photos of course, as that would had shown how fresh and new everything was. Such defamations are impossible to prove wrong, as it's a subjective claim. Maybe they thought it smelled cat urine, as the farmer has his barn just west of us and he'd been spraying pig urin on the fields very recently? Who knows? 

All we know is that it did NOT smell cat urine around our house, like the lying inspectors said. And this is where all this suffering started, as we'd already been lied about to the court in official documents, claiming total lies about my husband. Things my sister's husband had done were framed onto my husband by both her and one brother. They even made it sound like my oldest brother's wife had done something, while she and my husband had done nothing of the kind. All just smear and defamations, as that is what these kind of special psychos like to do. You know, there is a special reason why I write everything ANONYMOUSLY. It's cause all these liars are doing - snitching and lying to the authorities or smearing in public like on FACEBOOK or all other places - that is ILLEGAL. 

They are committing a CRIME. My son said told me the same twisted narcissistic claim that telling things anonymously was vile and sick, while openly lying and smearing someone by name was honorable. Well, of course, he ment that what I said what the lies and what the smearer said was the truth. I did try to explain that even if he was right it is STILL illegal to defame someone with truthful horrible tales. So if you feel a need to tell on someone, never use their names. Psychos try to fool people it's the other way around as if you tell on someone by name they can report you! As you've done a crime. 

Let's go further back and talk a little bit about my daugher and why she changed her mind and did invite my mother to her wedding. It was cause her grandfather, my father-in-law meddled! He'd shamed her for not inviting this nice old lady, and she felt bad. She'd said to me she would not as she did not want me to feel bad. But my father-in-law went behind my back and guilttripped his granddaughter. Obviously he has no empathy and meddles with things he has no insight into. Well, I knew that. He had my sister as his "friend" on facebook for years! It's like they are all on my bullies side and nobody is on mine. And my husband is getting tired of all of this as he notices NOBODY cares what these people done to me or us. My daughter was really mad before at mostly her granny, but also her aunt.

She choosed herself to stop listening to her granny's put downs about me. But now I heard her repeat words only my mother could had said to her. There is no other way she'd said it the way she did, as my way of interpretating my sister's situation is 100% the opposite. So my daughter told me that my sister was suffering and had to sell her beloved flat and leave all her friends in town so to move to the country side and live there in solitude. WTF?!?!?!??! My sister and her husband have been planning to start some kind of restaurant since like 2005 or something. I spoke about it to my sister back then, that it was a dream of her husband's. Since then they've conned his mother out of her house, tried to con a house from father's death estate and they've left the town due to the WHITE FLIGHT going on as their town has been run over by massinvading MOSLEMS.

It's a lost town, lots of criminality and the market for flats like hers are getting really bad. They had to sell NOW or maybe loose millions. All this are FACTS my daugther know about!!! Who's switched her brain???? They bought a lovely B&B with a restaurant or winebar and they have still all their friends (unless they pissed them off too) and all the guests and everyone (including my own daughter now) seems to love them and adore them. My daughter told me her cousin, son of the brother whom she's also lied about and defamed to everyone, said to her that he misses this aunt's husband. That would be the man who threatened me with the police TWICE and scared the living daylight of me, for only telling my sister in a PRIVATE mail to stop lying.

She sent that mail to god knows how many, lying even more, defaming me with mental problems, claiming I've been bullying her for a long time (first mail ever telling her to stop lying!!!) and many more tricks. My daughter also said she "worried about me". No, she does NOT worry about me, or she would not try to traumatize me with snidy remarks like that. She knows her aunt planned to get this house for 20 some years, as I have shown her the WILL she tried to make father sign in 1996. When I again showed it to her (sent her a copy) she IGNORED it. Why? Cause that proved that I was right and all the bullies are mere liars. And like everyone turning towards narcissism she and everyone else rather are with the popular CROWD then with those being shunned. Narcissists fool people as they want their tortured victims around - so they can keep tormenting them.

So people like my father-in-law does not understand that it's not me bullying them. I'm trying to RUN AWAY from the abuse and the torment. Now my daughter did the same thing as my sister did after father died. She first acted as she was on my side, totally would help me out and support me and acknowledged how rough things been for me. I felt so proud of her, as she'd grown up to a lovely woman. Then my oldest son had some fit, most likely due to stupid things his girlfriend said, and he went to his sister and raged about me. Totally non-true stupid things as I was only mad at his girlfriend for acting like a bitch to me, and therefore I was not speaking to her that day. She'd told me to SELL MY CATS !!!

She and her mother have set me up with smear and exaggerations so the authorities believe I'm some kind of animal abuser. I know they are behind this, and so do a few others. But they have not confessed. Me not speaking to her one day is like NOTHING compaired to how angry I am with her and her mother. But I said nothing, just warned my daughter that we feared she was behind what had happened. This is not me believing this and realizing nobody else could know all the details that the snitched had told. Every piece of lie were based on some small piece of truth, and the only two things they could pin on me was telling them we had 12 cats at this moment and seeing a few shedding cats having tangled furs, while most were perfectly fine. They mostly saw the cat the girlfriend bullied me into taking in, and she's the one who'd promised to groom him. Which she'd not done!

So that is the only 2 things they could pin on me, and BOTH these problems had been created by my son's girlfriend, so no wonder I was mad at her for telling me with her snidy bully voice to sell MY cats. Remember - I only had 2 cats that was mine then, though I now have taken back my old cat's two sons my oldest children both failed to take care of. One being the one this girlfriend had promised to groom and take care of, and only weeks before I got reported had dumped on me. She knew he was "one too many", as I did not count the kitty and I had been told you could have 10 cats. She had told me that "nobody will find out", which obviously was a FAT LIE. So that she was so mean and mocked me as an animal abuser, when knowing SHE set me up, shows me she's not totally innocent.

She might not had known her mother would report me, but she was not surprised or thought it was unfair. No, cause they pinned having too many cats, and some with messy furs. I get so mad only thinking about how RUDE that girl was about this, and how cocky she was that SHE would never be affected like "animal abusers" like me. SHE framed me and then she sits there and says to others that it was MY FAULT since I agreed to take in the cat she forced onto me, which she had failed to groom, despite promising to do so when taking him in 2 years ago. What is even worse is that my son agrees with her, and defends her mother and her actions. At this moment I could not think of ANYONE else who had me reported, as they are so selfrighteous about me being the animal abuser. The girl kept saying that, and accusing me of maltreated cats with diseases, which was another sign she is behind these lies.

She has also pulled my daughter into thinking this is fair treatment, as it was her who told me that it was my own fault to take the cat back. Failing to see the TRAP they put me in - bullying me to take the cat back, deliberately getting his fur matted and then dumping him in that state on me. The mother was all in on it. Something my son told my husband excusing the poor woman proved that to me. In my two oldest childrens minds these kind of malicious manipulations and set ups is perfectly fine and the one targeted - particulary if I'm the target - deserves whatever is lashed out on me. So this womann had her daughter dump a matted cat on me, scaring the kids their landlord would get annoyed otherwise. Then she could tell the authorities I had 10-15 cats, as she also believed we'd gotten kitties not long ago, as her daughter had been talking about fleas and kitty a few months back!

The girl had been hysterical about that one, and obviously mentioned it to her mother. So yes, there is NO OTHER HUMAN BEINGS who know all these little stories, and could use them in some exaggerated twisted way. Since the girl seemed genuinly surprised when I first talked to her, and then changed her attitude as soon as she'd spoken to her mother, it does not take a rocket scientist to see her mother did it. I'm sure she told her daughter to keep away from me, and that I surely done "something" to get reported. And she for sure said the same mantra I found on her Facebook - to let the authorities sort out what I have done. Cause so far I've not gotten one word back from them that makes sense. I've tried to explain that the ONLY complaints they had was that I admitted to take care of several cats that was not mine, and that made me have 12 cats, and that I promised to give back 2 of these cats, and the messy furs I promised to cut off, like I already was doing. That was the WHOLE THING !!!!

Guess what? My son told me that messy fur was NORMAL, nothing to complain about. But apparently only when I mentioned his girlfriend's mother's messy cat... So when WE have messy furs on cats living in OUR house, I'm some master criminal according to them, but that woman is a freaking saint? It's normal, my son said, and that I was MEAN for pointing out she had also had messy cat fur. She had a far worse messy cat then the one they had dumped on me and that was seen by the inspectors. That mother had such a bad fur on that cat, and according to these kids that was perfectly FINE !!!! Double set of rules... Too many cats is no crime at all, by the way. I found a court case where they care faced about it. If it been illegal they'd cared for sure, but they didn't.

So again, they had NOTHING else pinned on me, then me honestly admitting to having 12 cats (11 adults) and them seeing some messy furs. Nothing else. And this girlfriend is now cocky thinking they could possibly not pin anything on HER, as she - unlike ME? - does not break those "laws". Yeah, dream on baby. Later on the inspectors did lie more and in their final pretence court ruling (you are not allowed to know what you are really accused of, only the parts they are sure you admitted to and they could prove) they now claimed I've admitted to not tending to the health care of the old dog!!! All total lies. I've been trying so hard to get the small veterinarian hospital to send me the dogs papers, but they are only messing me around.

From the large hospital I got proof she had proper diagnosis and treatment for one issue I used them for, and that her eyes were perfectly fine in September 2014. Then I went to the smaller hospital in January 2015 due to her eyes and her weird tumours. In February she got proper diagnose and medicine for her eyes, and she was operated on. All that should had been sent to the authorities before their phony court ruling, but weren't. The paper they got did not include any of that, only the diagnosis without any dates or what had been cured and what was uncurable. So it kind of sounded like the dog still suffered all these diseases and that they all could be cured. They can't be. I cannot intepretade the "ruling" otherwise, then that they believe I did never treat her or have her operated on or did ANYTHING of what I spent thousands on doing for somebody elses dog.

I feel so used and hurt as this is NOT my own dog. This is a dog me and my husband spent tens of thousands on during these 4 years, while NEVER asking to take care of her, but getting our arms twisted to do so. Still we fed her and took care of her in all ways we knew how to. She got health care and expensive examinations and operations and medications and for WHAT??? NOTHING !!! She will still die of old age and on top of that these malicious women smeared me with an animal abuser stamp. How EVIL are not these psychopathic whores??? Honestly, I freaking hate those bitches. But that is what virusinfected narcissists do - they attack what you praise yourself the most about, and in my case it's my helpful and caring nature, who tend to little animals. So they make me out as an animal abuser to hurt me the most and hopefully have me commit suicide, which is the sole purpose psychopathic narcissists like this do these things.

I'm not kidding you - this is a war on spirit. This is a spiritual war between good and evil, and the goal has been to smear the good as evil, and for the evil to pretend they are good. In this they charm willing little helpers, like my son's lying girlfriend. She is mocking me best she likes, believing her mother that only guilty people are getting judged. No, I did NEVER claim to them that I did not take care of the dog, or failed her health treatment. That is lies the whores from hell who broke into my home told in the papers I got out AFTER the ruling. They dared not lie about that before, so I could had called them out as liars, but claimed it afterwards. Of course I never signed those papers as you are also a criminal if you try to force someone to destify against themselves like that. So here is at last the old comment someone had fancied, about this kind of socipathic female bullies, who've tormented me my freaking WHOLE life:
That charming everyone around me is exactly what my own baby sister did while setting up her trap for me. She started talking about "someone" who'd mess with her when father died 21 yrs before he actually died. It sounded weird to me at the time, since father was in good health, so I told her to get clear paperwork on what she claimed father had promissed her. She did, but it didn't say what she'd told me, but when I found out the truth father had already died.

It turned out she had no intention of following fathers will, but by the time I got that her trap had already been set. She had charmed almost everyone around me, told lies about me obviously. She was so cocky and thought nobody would believe me when I told them how she'd shown me that paper after father died and she acted insulted and claimed she hadn't seen that paper in 3 years.

A few I did care about did believe her, but my husband wouldn't, nore one brother who accidentially had walked in when I was shown the paper and started to remember actually seeing it too. That twarted her plan for a millisec before she ignored it and made everyone else move on with bullying me into submission.

We've tried to put up some backfire, but my brother is so fair and honest and does not want to talk about this with our other friends and family, so whatever truth they'll hear is the lie. That upsets me so much as he knows for sure I'm telling the truth, but wont back me up as he can't see this is the very heart of the issue - I have a witness, she does not.

I will write about this fact on the net until people get it - we must tell them the truth, cause they hate truth, and truthtellers. When we show truth support they will run away like trolls for sunlight. =D  
Queen Angelica - Fairyland Poetry

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