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fredag 18 september 2015

Narcissism And Others

This is just a comment I left under this video, as he was talking about how narcissists are the ones who love to threaten with legal shit, and that is very true, as I was threatened with the police, for standing up for what I knew to be true. They faked "crimes" they told people I'd done and that I should be prosecuted for all these made up fictions of their derranged imagination. They all knew it was lies, and my sister knew I was telling the truth, that is why she accuses me of doing ALL the things she does. She's a master of deception and a very dangerous person, as noone believe she can do what she's capable of doing. She knows she's been lying, she knows I have done NOTHING wrong with anything I've done. But they just keep on trying to scare me and they USE the lawyers to help them do that. 

So here is my comment to the video: About the "getting a lawyer involved" sign, it does not work as well as one would like to. I mean, that is something THEY use against US, and tell people that we brought in lawyers as we were greedy. In reality we refused to let us be conned, as we knew they were, as we'd both seen the paper we were not allowed to see again, and then told by our sister "either you believe me about it's content, or you believe mother when she says it said what I tell you". So either way we had to go against what we knew were true, so we had to bring in a lawyer to settle the estate. Then it turned out that this sister was picking the lawyers too, and that the one we ended up with was only working for her benifit.

He told me - straight to my face - that she NEEDED a second summer house, as she only had the one by the sea and this one in the forest land ment so much to her. None of us two who applied for a lawyer have ANY summer house, and 5 more children then them, so why should SHE "need" so much more then us? He's supposed to be UNPARTIAL, instead he did the best to con us into believing falsehood about the law. And then we are the bad guys... and one sign is "we brought in the lawyer". While, in reality - we didn't. She did. 

The lawyer was our aunt's lawyer, whom also sided with our sister! 
BUT - they are the ones who constantly threatening me with law enforcement, making unsubstianted and defaming claims and ending it like "this must surely be illegal what she's doing" about me. Without any proof, and all big words to back their lies up. What they've said about us is so humiliating and they made sure it got into public records here in the town were we live. To them that is the proof, that they've lied to the court makes it true. Well, it's in public records, isn't it. I bet they'd pull those lies out as further proof, and when I did show the lawyer the lies they'd claimed about us, he just went ahead and started to forward all their even nastier lies, as if it were all true.

The total telltale sign he was 100% in on our sister's scam was when she backed down on getting the house, and backed off her demand to have the house dissappear as an old gift. She just let old gifts go, after the lawyer had used the argument that they'd had the rights to these houses, so hence by logic reasoning, these were BENIFITS that should be added to the gifts, as they'd paid NO RENT for them. When she backed off getting the house the lawyer got VERY confused, as he thought she was the bullied one, and she was only wanting the house out of sentimental reasons, which is why he refused to even acknowledge my offer the first time I gave it to him. I had to pay ANOTHER lawyer to make the first lawyer even listen to me! 

So I had to pay a fortune to make the lawyer I already paid 1/4 of to reply to my offers... And that is when my sister backed off as the con was over, as the lawyer couldn't risk being found out by another lawyer what he was up to. And the first lawyer just kept repeating "what about the house" not understanding it was NEVER about any house for her. It was about causing as much pain and suffering for ME, and to wreck the family truly apart, as she was never part of that first family unit, as I was, so she'd tried all her adult life to turn the rest against me, and gain my position as "the daughter". Well, that is the only reason I see, as there was not that much money in the con.

The abuser is seen as the victim and the victim as the abuser.
And, the remarks my sister would make about me would be such I come off as a total wack job, and she as the caring, suffering sister. So after awhile she got more bracent with her lies to the lawyer, who'd told us no one was saying anything negative to him about each other behind the others back. Which was not true, as a lie is still a lie, even when wrapped in roses and a sob-story. And as I'm the one angry with HER for all her lies, I can say pretty angry things about her, so then people would think ME bad, when the truth finally bubbles up to the surface. I hardly had to say anything close to the rotten truth for the lawyer to stop listening. All it took was for me to down play one thing totally. My oldest brother had the same experience, where he tried to tell the lawyer that our sister is not quite as educated and knowledgable as she pretends (it's all an act) but neither he had the heart to say "she's faking it all - she's never ever attented ANY college or university ever" and that was just how she acted to be percieved as a well read highly educated person. 

She used to live in a major university city for years, where she picked up all those quirks these people like to have. You just must know such people to know what that is, but she's a very good actor, so she did it. And the lawyer seemed to think we two were the dumb ones, and she and the other brother the smart one. Actually, HE is well educated, so she used him to ride on his "fame" kind of. But not even that coud we blew the whistle on so the lawyer didn't believe me when I told him that I was not stupid, and was educated enough, and that my husband was very well studied in the law. 

He STILL tried to con us faking this law to us. My husband couldn't believe how cheaky the lawyer was, and everything my husband had said was confirmed by the lawyer I hired, and of course, by online law texts. So she'd managed to paint us as dumbwits, and he fell for it hook line and sinker - the lawyer, and all the family has also believed her "caring" crap and what a victim of my abuse she is. Cause I get so shaken, and I get frustrated due to the lies, I wont speak to them about it, as I don't want to confirm the luny bin spin they've had for a very long time now. 

Expect noone to believe you as the liar has already made sure of that.
But, I did tell all the most nasty crap they'd pulled not long ago to an aunt and she was disgusted. Most likely as I was defaming her angel, but I don't care cause it was the truth and yes, I was very shaken when I told what horrible lies they've spun about me, how they'd told people I'm insane, how I've said to lie about the paper my sister did show me and how I'm said to have stolen this paper and done alot of more things I never did. And that I'm said to have been on places at times when I was not, and could prove I was not as I was at home. 

She didn't like to hear any of it, but I forced her to, as she's old and could die, living in a lie. I want her to atleast HEAR the truth before that, as she can decide for herself what she cares for truth after that. It's up to her. She can ditch it to the side as my mother did, or my closest brother did, and me with it. That is up to them, and I can wishful think they care about me all I want, there is nothing I can do about their choices. 

If I'm not worth the bother, I am not. And I believe I am not, as none of them ever treated me with the love and care I truly needed and deserved. I am not perfect, I don't dress like an executive, and I'm just a semi normal person, but I am real. I don't fake emotions, I don't lie to get ahead, and if that is not good enough for these souls I guess we just should part ways. I go to a better place and they can go where ever hell they want...

Queen Angelica - Fairyland Poetry
Freedom is to let go of your fears, and when "everyone" hates you...
What do you have to loose from telling the truth?

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