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måndag 24 augusti 2015

Psychopath From Within

This post will be about how the psychopaths like to lure themselves into all sorts of groups where people gather to achieve a goal for themselves. It really does not matter what group it is - the psychopath will most likely try to gain access and even control over it. But the more of interest the group is for the forming of society, the more likely that a psychopath will want to get into it. Once inside the psychopath will make alliances and work to become a popular and reliable member, whom all will soon feel they can put their trust in. He or she will show alot of superior attitude to the rest or the group and therefore gain admiration and also fear from them. Another important aspect of the psychopath is that he or she will be very good at taking on alot of different assignments, then by persuation convince other members to do most of the job, so the psychopath more or less just has to swope in and sign the thing. Just so their name is on it and therefore all credit now lays with the psychopath. 

If there is no real structure to the group the psychopath will instead spend his or her time to create different shisms within the group or with the group and outsiders. There will always be some problem with some members and alot of suspicion will start to circulate. All amounts to the psychopath being the reliable one, and all the others is highly doubtable. When it's other groups involved or just other persons it's about the same thing. Those groups are misrepresented and smeared with false statements, half truths and twisted information, so when the members themselves get into contact with this other group or persons they've already made up their mind that they are butt neck crazy. As much as possible will then the psychopath try to maintain this image by using tactics when communicating with the others that are frustrating as it has nothing or almost nothing to do with their true intentions or meaning. The higher up in rank the psychopath is to the others in his or her group, the more power they will have to ensure that no one reveals the con. When this happens and the psychopath is of low rank or no rank and is pretty harmless really on the level he or she is at, they might however not be likewise successful. No matter they will use the same tactics they always do - misrepresent, start pointless arguments where they stray from the subject just to keep the argument going. Endless nonsensical communication where they keep failing to understand the message the people they speak to try to convey. It's to cause more rupture and make those in their own group believe it's the others that are doing this. It's cause they've already made their own people partial towards them by using their logo or someother visable signal that they are fellow members or the same group. Such signals are there to make herd-people join in their rants and useless misunderstandings. Endless bullying and smearing and put downs, which psychopaths love to inflict on kind and sweet people who's only crime is having a mind of their own.

One such group that I recently came across is calling themselves men that walk their own way, which in my opinion all men - as in mankind - should do. But they have named it as if they walk away from women, which like walking away from your right brain, you left side of your body, spieces wise speaking. No spieces can survive were the two parts that make a whole cannot stick together to defend and help each other. That was why feminism was created by the buggers socially engineering our world. First they made damn sure to take away all womens rights for a few thousands of years, and made the poor sob of a male into believing he was the ruler of the house, the superior being, the golden child of the spieces. Before that the woman was the only gender allowed to become priestesses, which was far superior to being the kings and queens of the land. It was through deciete, manipulations and lies this was accomplished and it took many hundreds of years to do, making man into the leader of the family. Before that it was the women whom hold the key and could toss out the man at her liking. She was the queen at the castle and she decided which man to marry and make into a king. It was the daughter who inhereted the throne and all linages went by the woman, just like it does in that ancient religion we call judaism today. They still understand this ancient principle and therefore they've been slowly exterminated. Those we call jews today are not more jews then glass is diamonds. In ancient days all kings and queens had a religion that now would be likened to paganism, but it was very like the ancient version of judaism, though not called that.

Judaism today didn't start in Jerusalem, or in Egypt or had anything to do with Moses. All those tales belong to older versions and if you look for it you'll see that present days "jews" call the present days real jews for the "blacks", since they are semetic. The ruling "jews" in Israel are for instance mostly from Europe and have their roots in Kazarh in present day Russia. They are therefore called Akenazi, and they were the ones sponsoring Hitler via banks in the US. They love to manipulate our perception and fool the underlings. These Kazarhians have a deep hate towards certain group, which they've been in conflict with for centruries. Some such groups are the Iraqis, the Goths, the Ukranians. There are more old enimies of theirs, for instance the Greeks and many more. If you go south from old Khem you find really black jews, not the semetic light browns the Israelis call "blacks", but actual true black jews. These are also of ancient jewish blood. It is clear that what we call "jews" today are not one and only one race of people so that is another scam perpetuated by the present day Kazahrian "jews". These are said to have converted very late and what kind of religion their rulers had before that is unclear, as most kingship of Europe in ancient days seem to have had some sort of "judaism", though called generalized "paganism" by the conquering Romans. The Kazahrians choose "judaism" cause they didn't want to pay money to the Kalif in Bagdad, nore the pope of Rome, so therefore these people are the latest of all jews, and not of ancient jewish blood at all.


I wish to elaborate on this issue as it's known that the Russians and Ukranians, who were ruled by a house originating from the Goths, which were said to have orignated from Sumer (Iraq) were in constant wars with Kazarh. So was the Byzanthian Empire, which were very friendly with these russians and nordics. They even used purely nordic guards as these were the only ones they trusted to be honorable and true. Together with Iraq (Babylon, Mesopotamia, Sumer) they fought against the hords of Kazarh many times and at the end they were defeated. I also seem to remember the Persians (Iran) in this kind of conflict with the Kazarhs so it might had been them who finally gave them the blow that wiped them off the map. So then these "jews" are said to have fled into Russia and Europe and it's there you find them when all the world wars break loose. It's said that they became gold smiths, bankers and alot of more important things that gave them the power of money. Using the forbidden ushery that only "jews" were allowed to use back in the old days, they gained so much wealth that they fonded the revolution in Russia, and murdered tens of millions of innocent people. They masslaughtered 10 million farmers in Ukraine, as a revenge for the farmers revolution a few hundred years earlier, when the farmers of Ukraine had taken revenge on their tormentors. That was the Akenazi "jews" who worked for the royal class in Poland and raviged the rich people of Ukraine of all their riches. So therefore the bolchevieks murdered the farmers in Ukraine during winter 1932-33.

Why am I telling you all of this, which might not be all accurate as I'm taking it off my memory? Well, it's to show you how conflicts are perpetuated on Earth by greed and revenge, and how those that are on top one period are in the bottom another, as the cycles goes by. At the present moment we are at the last end of Kali Yuga, the cycle of the lowest and cruelest periods of Earth. At this cycle all is about conflict and revenge, gaining power over others and selfish ends. It's the cycle when the demonic spirits can get born into our realm and therefore it's the cycle of psychopathy. The demons are not outside of us, but inside of us. We have each and everyone of us different stages of these energies in our system, our internal, emotional systems. Just like groups and organizations can get infected, so can countries and people. Those that are totally overtaken by this evil we call psychopaths, and those showing clear traits of this ailment, we call psychopathic, as in that they act alot like psychopaths. At the present moment alot of people are infected and alot of them will go around and look for others to blame. This virus love to blame others for their own actions and deeds, so the truth is in how the person behaves. Or in how a country behaves, or an organization, as it's in their behavior you see the ailment, not in their pretty words only, though it's easy to spot them with words too as soon as you unlock the key to this sickness. 

This is where all these different groups and orgainizations play such a large role. They are used to lure people in and through time there will be a shift, ever so slightly towards some mind control effort, some technique that will serve a purpose to either stop people from moving in a certain direction or just divert attention away from actual important matters. Either way any group close to making any change will serve an excellent purpose. So it was interesting to be schooled on this man's group and how it once had a very much altruistic agenda, not serving the socialist elite or the Frankfurt school, but instead mankind and nature. The original manifest wanted men to be allowed to be men, using their masculinity as it was created. And it wanted women to be allowed to be women, and not have to be ashamed when they rather spent time being nurturing then chasing rainbows on Wall Street. To me the primary manifesto had nothing enforcing in itself and it spoke about freedom from too tight rule by the government, as we as adults ought to be able to tend to our own adult needs, unless strucken by ailment or bad luck. It sounded nothing like some Borg agenda, but as if it wanted to regain the freedom for mankind to be what it was created for. So judge my disappointment when the man pointing me in this direction suddenly claimed that this old agenda was trying to force it's will onto people. I failed to see any force, only a revolt against the present day agenda to erase the qualities that are female by nature, be them in a man or a woman.

To my great disappointment he started talking like governments were all great and that he needed them to live. And that it was kind of some unavoidable consequence that people had to both work full time to support themselves, so to having to leave the upbringing of their children to the state. Which is totally unnatural and goes against all that is good for mankind. This is the Frankfurt school and the old socialist agenda of breaking up the family union I had been speaking about for a long time to these people, while none of them understood a word I said. Most were just acting like womenhating bashers and the few that atleast could form readable sentenses didn't mostly have the psychological balance to comprehend logical writings. That was then shown to only relay to subjects where this agenda was contradicted, like for instance when the video-maker was speaking up against extreme feminism and their opposite. None would understand this message and after I'd been around the block and back a few times I'd finally found this man, who was not even the slightest agreessive to women, like the whole rest of them atleast showed some signs of. So that was when I totally realized that it was true what another kind of communicative guy was saying was really true. The agenda was now days not at all as it used to be for this group. That means that it had already been taken over and now the agenda went 180 degrees against their old, and hand in hand with feminism and the elite. No wonder my warnings went not heard! No wonder none cared for the videomaker!

The consquense of this agenda is what I told them again and again - it's the splitting up of the family ties. All the men in this group had replied that this was a good thing as women are parasites that need to start making their own living. As I've lived my whole life with women making their own living that made no sense for me, and they sounded kind of crazy to me. Then I don't know where they lived or how women there supported themselves. Here it's unheard of that young women marry just to get someone to support them. Well, I don't know anyone like that, but perhaps some exists. It's more like when people get older and some get ill that perhaps only one work fulltime, one work only parttime or less. Sometimes both are ill and as time goes by and even if you get well again it's very hard to get a job. People hire young and pretty people here, not old farts who've seen their better days. So old people don't work cause they are lazy, like these in my eyes very hateful men suggested, but cause they are ill and unwanted in the workforce. To shame people who cannot find jobs, like these men did, was horrible and abusing in my eyes. To shame people who were too ill to work was equally shameful, but that was what I heard, as I am unable to hear "man" or "woman", but able to hear "masculine qualities" and "feminine qualities". So they shamed the nurturing, empathetic feminine qualities of the water, and cheered on the masculine selfsufficiant, independant ones of the fire.

They talked about how both sexes was to be independant of each other and have to stand on their own feet, having to do the same things, instead of working together, supporting each other and complimenting each other, as you do in team work or any successful business. Instead everyone had to be the same, as hence there can not be a functioning family unite anymore. Which was something they all, more or less, rejected. Even the sanest and most decent of them didn't seem to think that anything else then total independency was an option, in the respect that no kind of getting together and working together as a community was acceptable. Only in the aspect of belonging to these kind of very open and free groups, where ideas would spread like wildfires amongst it's members. There it was okey and there these guys could support each other and strengthen each others resolve in making it on their own, without going back to the family and partnership collective. That was the word they were against, I was told by my teacher - collectivism. That was kind of interesting as normally any collectivism is of major interest for all socialists, so that made me wonder how this was. Yet, I have to say that they were all acting like a huge collective as none could really understand the video they were commenting under. None ever really truly reacted against the extremist women hater it spoke of, and even one man who first refused to believe one of the videos which were quoting some of the worst obvious women hate, would not admit that he had found the evidence that indeed the quotes were correctly stated. 

I have saved alot of comments and I might eventually post a blog post with those in them, as I've done before with other subjects, but at the moment I don't really feel up to it. The point I most liked to put out here at this moment is that when people are under some sort of mind control, or brainwashed with an idea, they are hard to get to. These guys all feel righteous due to some issues that have been going on in their lives, like to all of us from time to time. And this anger or recentment or feeling of helplessness seems to have been harvested by this interest group, so to push them in a certain direction. The indications that this is so I found on the fact that those guys that had abilities to communicate more or less said the same thing about the groups agenda, while claiming it was free of control and promoting individuality. Then all of them, with no exception, said the things about women having to work, as if this was not already the case in most countries. As if there were some evil women lurking in the dark trying to leach off innocent men. I'm sure there are, but I also am very well aware of that alot of women end up being the main provider in their families too, which makes it even more difficult for them as if they want children she has to work and suffer through months of morning sickness, a heavy belly, aching back and then she just need to be off a few months until the baby is off her boobs. I mean, it's easier when they guy is the main provider, and not a total ass whimp who cannot provide for his woman. 

I'm just provoking you here as you surely must see - well, truth be told - most of these men didn't know if they were comming or going, so they'd not get that joke either, just as they didn't get any I made. Ever. I was told by a swedish speaking guy he found it hard to talk to women as you could not joke around. Hello. How did he think I felt as he did not get any of mine? He had written something that could had been seen as a veiled threat and I made a joke about a swede threatening my website to be a nazi-site, which was actually exactly what he'd said. He first called a 53 year-old queen mother a little girl, then said "what if I would tell people your site is a nazi site?", and then he had to back down on that and say that I was so stupid as I believed that was a threat. Well, it was, but my comment about it was a joke and a jester as I was laughing at it. The weirdest part to me was however that he said the threat was an allegory. For what? I just out of the blue, for no reason percievable get this veiled threat to my website, which is a very legit threat to make as I do have some really controversial stuff going on there, and then I'm told it's some kind of allergory. For that it must be in comparison to something, but for my life I could not see what I'd said that would inflict such a reaction. I thought it might had to do with the video we'd both watched, but no, that did not make any sense either as she was not making up shit, like he did with his nazi claims, but she was quoting actual comments she'd recieved.

There is where you find you are dealing with less then fully conscience beings as they cannot comprehend how things are connected, but go out and around in circles, using their own pre-concieved ideas to ask for proof or question things. But their first outlook is flawed so all that comes after is also not applicable to the actual situation they are making questions about. I was asked for the evidence for what she claimed in the later video, the one with the quotes from the comment sections of an earlier video. I think I told the man a few times where to find it, but he couldn't. So I got annoyed, and told him he could use his selfproclaimed high IQ to find it for himself, as I sure enough would not provide him with the links to the proof. That is such a typical sign you are not dealing with a healthy mentally fully grown individual either, as he'd thrown his IQ card at me, when I got annoyed he kept repeating the same question for proof, while all he had to do was to click on the video and see for himself. I'd even told him it was part three so what was his problem? So yes, I admit I mocked his schooling, but the guy had it comming for asking the dumbest question again and again. That is another sign of not fully developed consciousness, that a person will not accept the answer they get and instead go around in circles trying to prove that they've not been answered. However, it turned out that he'd found the video, but just didn't want to let me know and since then I've been mocking him for that and he doesn't even get I'm doing it. A queen has to have some fun in life.

I don't think I have much more to say about this right now as I was interrupted at the early stages of this blog, and lost my course. The main issue I wanted to promote was that groups are overtaken and used for agendas, and a telltale sign is when a group change direction. This men's only group was first to counteract the feminist agenda and now they are a complement. It was first intended to support people's right to be what they are and truly honor their gender specifics, not shame them or cover them up. And now it's all about men not having to support their families and women having to cope all on their own, with both handling all the hunting and gathering, and also being the mothers to the next generation. As a member of a country who's sucked women dry by making them stressed out to do everything I know that this only serves one agenda fully and that is their agenda of population control. There is nothing that puts a bigger damper on the nativity as when the females are all stressed out over doing everything else. By the time women here come around having babies they are already old and wrinkly. Thank god a few young girls have the sense to get knocked up early on so not all little babies have old mommies like me. That is so not fair that they have to be raised by antiques with dementia. Imagine them babies forgotten all over the place, just like us old folks do... I'm kidding you. I only forget my dogs.

Queen Angelica - Fairyland Poetry

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