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torsdag 6 augusti 2015

Come Alive

Started listening to Lisa and the beginning is so connecting with me! I've experienced the same, we were all so tired, so ill, just as they say. I need to get shit into balance, order, get my house prepared, but there is too much buzz, too much interruptions, disturbances, nonsens. Too much of what OTHERS want, and too little of what I need to be to feel fine. It's like I want things to go QUIET - to SHUT UP - so I can get a grip of all that is. I believe it's all this shit hitting us all day long. The frequensies, that information overload. I have things I really care about, and I've had to put all that on hold as others are taking MY TIME away from me. Then the guilttripping. Always the guilting, always making ME feel bad for being REAL. No, I am allowed to be me and to be respected, and everyone arguing with THAT is not looking after what is best for ME. My life is about ME, and about what I am here to do, what I feel I need to do, what makes ME feel content, and as if I am achieving MY GOALS. I feel content when I have beauty around me, and when my children and family is feeling good and I can know they are going forward with their lives, as THEY WANT things to be. I feel content when I can create all of that, both physical beauty, graphics and joy in others. Just knowing others are happy and looking forward. 

I want all I love to live on the country side, with land they can use to grow things on, and those who yet can't do that, for them to still be in environments which means they can achieve this in the future. Like going to university, taking a course, so they can make a living and fullfilling this goal. I don't want people I love to end up in crowded towns, without nature and the closeness to the Earth. If they do they might loose their connection to the planet, and she does NOT want people like that, as to her that is like malignant bacteria, people who are not in harmony with her. You need to sit on her, to feel her, to smell her and to be really into her to become in harmony with her. So no wonder people are getting crazy! They've lost this connection with what matters. You need to live so your world will NOT crumble if there is no computers, no mobiles, no teve, no phones, no radio, no cars, nothing of what we are used to. When you can live without all that and STILL have a purpose that fullfills you, then you are in harmony with Earth. Atleast it's highly probably you are. At that time you will not embellish others statements and act insulted for others needs, but you will pay attention and respect their words and their true intent. That is to be balanced and in harmony. 

So now I will continue listening and I'm grateful I finally have gotten better, after I did start to take steps to confront some of my fears. One of them being to defend my own creations, and my own intent with having these creations. In the end I will have to make a final solution as it still is not working as I wanted to, as I am still not listened to and recognized. When that is in your own creations, your own safe havens, they don't work anymore and are not mine and are not safe, so I might have to loose them, though I really don't want to, but I have to realize that I'm not at all deciding this at this moment, and whatever I do some people will get upset with me for not letting them control me. And it's not healthy to let others control you or define you and shame you for caring for your own creations and manifestations. But unfortunately this is how this world works today and too many don't give a crap for others work and creations. They are embellishing their own, or their admired friends, but when you see that they truly don't really see what you are about, but only imagining they do, it's futile to fight anymore. Some times you need to cut your losses, and move on, as shit gets too bad and you have not the power to set stuff right. The resistance is too big, the willingness to see is too small, so the energy you still have will be lost in a meaningless struggle to convince another about your true needs. 

When all instead is about the other, it's useless, and this is the world we are living in today, that alot of us need to stop letting ourselves be controlled by those who think they know better. It's a long journey to come to that place that you see that all who tries to use you and control you and think they own you are all gone from your life. Left should be people who let you be you, who will never tread on your creations, and who will not take you for granted when you are caring and helpful, but who see that this is what is. Users will forget your help once it's over. They will also use you for their own goals and once they've changed interest they will not acknowledge your help anymore. Users also always feel sorry for themselves, while they wont acknowledge that everyone has their own burden to carry. That's why they will walk over you, as in their mind your burden do not exist, as they can't see it, or feel it. It's just hypothetical, not really real. They will imagine your life and it will be a silly little stupid picture of a whole huge movie. Yes, that's how it will be. Like taking a snap shot from a long movie and paint ALL your assumptions on this single picture. So no wonder so much crap and believes are projected at others, when this is done. And that is what I feel I cannot tolerate anymore, as I've spent my life defending others rights to be themselves, and I need to also stand up for myself now.

I have a right to be myself without being bullied and shamed for what I need to be. The bullying and shaming is very effective, as that will make all others to feel the bullied person is a shit, without any substance to their claims and needs. And then no one will show the bullied person any concern, as all about that person is silly, emotional, ridiculous, or whatever "frame" they'd been put into. People are not able to put into small boxes and to "frame" this way. We are vast beings, and we need to feel heard, listened to, not described by ANOTHER, but listened to thrue our own selves. Some of the worst things done to you, is when someone else tells your story, without your concent, to a group of people you are associated with. It's hearsay, not really accurate, and like I said, it might be things you NEVER wanted them to hear. That is one thing that will start bullying, as silly stupid interpretations, faulty explainations about your deeds and experiences might be very harmful on people's view on you. And also the fact you are over talked, not allowed to say the story yourself, is very very harmful. Either you are forced to try and correct the story, but you should not have to even do that as you never intended that to be put forward in the way it was, or you will try to let it evaporate and not be further spoken about. 

In my opinion this talking for others is also a form of "smear", a form of gossip it is for sure, and no one should gossip about others. That's something all too common today, and it's destructive. Often it's men who believe that women are silly, stupid, emotional, and they put the women down in a very convincing way. I've been listening awhile to this sweet Lily and she's saying so much I do click with. It's easy to steal an honest person's work and ideas and then discard them with slight overtaking and gossip. It's happening all the time, but all of this is emotionally draining, and it doesn't serve anyone. So it's better to walk away from such situations and create a new heaven, a new haven that is. A place to gather with truer friends who don't tell your tales to others. So I wish to deeply recommend you to listen all thrue this video as I've done by now, as there are so much important matters brought up and deep conversations. I was truly surprised how much I liked this talk as I've listened to Lisa before, talking mostly with men, and it's been fine, but nothing as truly interesting and agreeable as this talk with these two ladies. Personally I found sweet Lily most appealing, perhaps as she had some vibes that was pleasing to me, but also the tough chick Dana is worth hearing. I however really like Lisa and what she talks about.

Queen Angelica - Fairyland Poetry

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