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söndag 12 juli 2015

The Final Grand Trick

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This is actually written by Greg Calise, now 2015-07-11, and perhaps it's not okey to re-post it, but I'll do it anyways. Go to the link above to read all of it, as I will not post all images and comments, and whatever found there. I will only post this as it's kind of fitting in with my own knowledge, I had when I came to this "Matrix". Nothing I've learnt HERE, but something I REMEMBER. However, I don't really get all of what I remember, and there are not much to go after, so I've had to piece little pieces of puzzle together and hope I've gotten it right. One thing I've always known, from early childhood, was that something was not right with Church and what they taught. There were something missing in it, something vital left out and it felt like someone was trying to make me give up my own thinking, myself, whenever I listened to that stuff. That is also the reason I wrote that other post about "Spirit Possession", as I do understand about Shadow People, spirits without bodies, and other manifestations that are not 100% in our seeing range. They are slightly out of sight, but that does not mean that they cannot see us. It only means that we barely or never can see them! 

Here is the article I snatched by Greg Calise - riverbankoftruth.com - make of it what you want, but there are a few things I felt was very important in there as I do know that is for sure true. This is a MATRIX, and it's a very big one as any "program" can be as vast and huge as the makers of it want it to be. Just play around in one of those Sims-games and you see what I mean. Now here is the article below:

When you pull back the curtain on all of the illusions, what you find is quite preposterous. It is so absurd, so far removed from what we perceive as reality, that not many people would ever believe it. It is beyond science fiction.

“The truth is paradoxical to the extent of being exactly contrary to the usual perception.” 
– Georges Bataille

Consider what actually lies behind that curtain. Behind the facades we perceive, are truths that are contrary to the perceived realities. It is not what we think it is. We have been trapped, enslaved for thousands of years, without us even realizing it. We are in a labyrinth of illusions, with gate keepers at every step. Sometime, long ago in prehistory, inter-dimensional demiurges came to our Earth to plunder her. They enslaved humanity and proclaimed themselves as almighty god, the creator. The Gnostics called them the archons. They are the predators, who keep us as their herd, just as we keep farm animals. We are their food. We have been in their grip for thousands of years. The very gods that we pray to for hope and salvation, are the very culprits that prey on us. They are our keepers, and they enslave us, yet we are convinced that they are our creator and savior. Isn’t that ironic? Yes, it all seems quite preposterous. Not at all what it seems.

All of this has been recorded in ancient legends, writings, histories and religious and cultural records. It’s not just some wild story conjured up by some person with a creative imagination. Reality really Is more strange than science fiction. I can understand why not too many people even want to know the reality. David Icke has spoken extensively on this, as well as Michael Tsarion and many others.
I write a lot about the matrix and waking up from it. As the misty veils of illusion are lifted, the reality becomes more visible. But the matrix is far reaching. Beyond the earthly matrix is the cosmic matrix, which is quite vast from our perspective. There are layers, or dimensions of the cosmic matrix, as it extends through the eight dimensions of the cosmos.

This pic was NOT in the original blog post!
Within the cosmic matrix are many false light constructs, each created by a demiurge, an impostor god. Each false light construct can extend through eight dimensions, and also they are vast in size, each one of them could seem as large as a universe, and yet they are only a tiny fraction of the entire universe. But when you are inside them, they seem all compassing. Just another illusory trick. Many of these false light realms extend upon our planet, through the programmed minds of people.

For example, Jehovah is an impostor god that has created his own matrix of false light. His realm stretches throughout all of the cosmic dimensions and is vast in scope. It appears on our planet through the minds of the followers of Jehovah, as they are programmed to believe in his doctrine, they then perceive a world tinted by those beliefs.

There are many religions and new age doctrines on this planet, so we have many false light realms existing here simultaneously, each generated through the programmed minds of their followers. You can have a room full of Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, Christians, Jews, etc. and each of those false light realms exists within the same room, each within the programmed minds of the followers. Each person, through his programmed mind, perceives reality through the filters of his beliefs, and therefor places an overlay of illusions of the false light matrix over the truth.

Each of these false light realms has many levels of their heavens. In the Puranas, there are many descriptions of the realms of the Hindu gods and goddesses. There are also descriptions of the seven layers of the realms of the demons. These are the heavens. From what I have gathered, there seems to be many demiurges, each with their own false light realm, and they are all under one umbrella. George Kavassilas describes from his journeys, that they are all under Jehovah.

This pic was NOT in the original blog post!
What I have described so far is the stage on which a very heinous crime is perpetrated upon humanity. You see, it’s not enough for them to simply enslave us and feed off of us in this life. We are trapped in their web. It is called the wheel of Samsara. In Reincarnation Is Enslavement, I explained how the souls are recycled into new bodies in the matrix.

“So the next question is: What happens when we die? When we die, we enter the cosmic matrix, another false light construct which we call heaven. Our souls are trapped within this prison of the gods. After some time in the false heavens, we return again in the same cycle. This is called the wheel of samsara, the cycle of birth and death.”

What the religions and new age call heaven, are all false light constructs, where the souls are given a reprise from the pain and suffering inflicted upon them in their earthly incarnations; pain inflicted by the very god they pray to. Yet, even in “heaven” the souls are still being fed upon. Then they are recycled into another body in the matrix, with a short duration of life; far too short to be able to find their way out of the Labyrinth. There are gatekeepers everywhere. This is the plight of humanity. This little video gives a glimpse of the reality one faces at death. 

This is the final grand trick. No matter what you do or believe here in your earthly body, at the time of death, we are yet tricked again. We are tricked to enter into the heavens to be recycled. When one first leaves his mortal coil, he is quite disoriented. He may encounter angels or loved ones who will urge the newly departed soul to follow them. Or he may encounter a tunnel that leads to a light. He is urged to ascend the tunnel, where he is greeted by angels, guides, loved ones etc. The newly departed soul believes he is in a true heaven. But all of these angels, loved ones etc. are not actually who they are pretending to be.

Val Valerian is a pseudonym of an ex CIA operative that wrote books about the matrix a decade before the movie. He writes:

“It is they [Grey aliens] who await in the light when a human being dies. The human being is then recycled into another body and the process begins all over again… Hence the Light and Tunnel at death Trap. Scanning someone they wish to recycle as they near death, the aliens discover who the person was close to has died. They project the person(s) image in the white light tunnel and the image waves you in deeper. If you CHOOSE to follow you can be trapped and sent to another incarnation of their choice… these entities view Earth as a big farm.”
— Val Valerian, Matrix II & Matrix V

This pic was NOT in the original blog post!
In Matrix V, Valerian writes, They want to recycle low to lower mid-level spirits into another breeding productive incarnation. Hence the Light and Tunnel at death Trap. Scanning someone they wish to recycle as they near death, the aliens discover who the person was close to has died. They project the person(s) image in the white light tunnel and the image waves you in deeper. If you CHOOSE to follow you can be trapped and sent to another incarnation of their choice. This shows the Empire does have an understanding of the spirit, but it attempts to short this out. The Light and Tunnel trap is a relatively new device, but one that will fail and they now know this. ‘Go into the Light’ say those who have had near death experiences. They are the salespersons chosen to advertise this alien venture. NEVER enter that light. Go up, left, back, right or anywhere but there. The mass media exposure of the Light and Tunnel trap (seen in the film ‘Ghost’, where the hero willingly enters the glittering trap) is to try to get people to buy the destination.”

I agree with what he has described. We are recycled over and over until we break free. The light and the tunnel at the time of death are traps. The final nasty trick. There are so many books being written about the death experience, NDE, people communicating from heaven, going toward the light, etc. They all speak about going towards the light as the doorway to heaven. It’s only a larger cage with more toys. Again, these books are all there to lead you astray, just like the waiter Andrea, in Monte Python’s The Meaning of Life. What they describe is the repose between bodies, where little do they realize, they are still being fed upon. It’s the energies of the captured souls in heaven that help create the heavenly false light construct. The head honcho god also feeds off of the captured souls to satisfy his addictions.

This pic was NOT in the original blog post!
Yikes! Holy Shit! This really Is a nasty trick. Just about everyone assumes you are supposed to go through the tunnel to the light at the time of death. Everyone assumes that the loved ones and angels meeting us are genuine. Everyone assumes that at the time of death, god would claim us back to his abode…….. well, he does. It’s just not the god that you were expecting. Everyone assumes that after death, they are free of bondage. I’m happy to put a hole in that grand illusion. Welcome to the cosmic matrix. The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper.

So what is one supposed to do upon death? Well, I can’t say with any certainty. I wouldn’t go toward any tunnels or lights. And if angels and loved ones came, I would politely thank them for the invitation, but decline. The only light that you should be interested in is the light shining from your innermost soul. Follow that light, the light of your own Self, deep within. I’m sure you will find your destination.

It is said that Jesus, upon his resurrection, opened the gates of heaven, which had been closed since the time of Adam. Adam was the first offspring of genetical engineering done to man long ago by the gods. At this time, the matrix was established, and we have been trapped here ever since. If Jesus reopened the gates to freedom, to the true heaven; if he broke the tunnels leading to the false heavens, then the priests closed the gates shortly after he left. Jesus remarked in the Gospel of Judas, that the god Jehovah that his disciples worshipped, was not his god; that his god was within. Perhaps Jesus taught the true path, but then all of his teachings became corrupted by the priests.

I bring this up, because I have an optimistic feeling about all of this. I notice that there are large groups of people that are somewhat aware of this alien agenda, as we see the sizes of the audiences of David Icke, Michael Tsarion, George Kavassilas and others that have been exposing the truths of the alien influences upon our planet. When David Icke first started speaking about aliens and bloodlines, people thought he was crazy. Yet now, less that 20 years later, it is becoming widely accepted by many people. More and more truths are becoming revealed. Yet I do not see anyone speaking about the lights and tunnel at the time of death, or the fact that we are recycled in this prison. I brought it up last summer in Reincarnation Is Enslavement, and I probably mention it else where. But the writing of Val Valerian is the first time I see others talking about this major nasty trick.

Val Valarian writes, “The Light and Tunnel trap is a relatively new device, but one that will fail and they now know this.” Could it be that if enough people can awaken to this grand deception, then their device for recycling souls would fail? Perhaps the device is breaking due to its own weaknesses, or other factors. Could the doorways to freedom be opening? If so, I’d run for the opening. So in spite of this nasty deception, I feel optimistic that it may be time for it to collapse.

I hope so, because the external world seems to be heading for heavy turbulence, with much shit flying. Whatever is happening, at least now we know not to go towards the light or the tunnel. Spread the word.
– Greg Calise

This pic was NOT in the original blog post!

What does not make really sense to me here is the BLUE TUNNEL. What about that one, which you come into this world through? He has nothing about that one and all he speaks about here is some light tunnel you are going out of here after death. With light I've always thought it as WHITE light, and I've never heard any colour on that tunnel. Since you come here, from BEYOND the matrix in a blue tunnel, squeezed into this physical body so almost EVERYTHING that is you have to be left behind, and only a small speck of you can get into this tiny body, there must be a way out too. Right? I do agree that you have to look within to find the road home after death, and then I'm not talking about within your body, but within YOU. In this tiny speck, that was seperated from Source and downloaded into this body there must be some "home-beacon", I would imagine. So when we go inside this SELF and follow that beacon we can go REALLY HOME, to the origin of everything. Our true creator, our true home, from where we did come to begin with, before we were trapped in this "game" and cannot escape. That's how I see it. 

There is one more thing that I've come to realize, and that is that only people with living souls, spirits from Source, can take this trip back home. And that the reason so many of us is getting fed up with all the psychos around us right now is cause we are finally realizing that there is something seriously wrong with them. Yes, we've known all our lives they made our lives to living hells with all their mind games and odd behavior, but somehow all of them made us think they were better then us, and that it was us being over sensitive, seeing things, while in reality they are mind fuckers and really nasty buggers. I'd guess they all have demiurge-fucked-up-minds. Perhaps they've been re-cycled too many times and had their spirit sucked out of them, making them into bots, without real soul depth? Whatever the reason they are like another spieces then the kind I am feeling connected to - spiritually wise. It's like I can feel their energy around them and also anyone who's been ensnared by this malignant thinking. Many really good people are now ensnared in fear, thanks to all sorts of believes. It might be religious, but it can also be political believes. Whatever makes you tick - with fear.

I could tell people that I fear such people that are blatent liars and sociopaths, but in truth I just feel SICK to be around them and want to vomit. So therefore I rather say I fear them, though that is not technically true. I just don't want to sound too weird, by saying "I feel like vomitting in their faces, so I don't want to see them". I might do if it's a true friend, but not to anyone. People just get fear, so I stick to that description, but really there is nothing to fear about these loosers. Besides from wanting to vomit in their faces - IF I had to meet them - I feel mostly pity for them being so lost in space. They either don't believe there is more then this life, and then it's over, or they hope to go through the tunnel and live again. That is like ALL they get thus far. What a sad view point. When you realize this is just a small Matrix, in the vastness of everything, stuff just seem less bleak. This is just a moment of my eternal life and in a blink of an eye it's over. I even doubt I will give it more then a second thought when it's gone, as there are so much better things to do. I have wondered why I even bothered to download here, and I suspect I wanted to free those souls trapped here as I've had so many dreams my whole life about that very issue.

The oldest and most common dream I had for decades was that a great fog was coming towards us. There were thousands of people and the fog caught more and more of them and I kept running away from it, so very affraid to also be caught as I knew it would turn me into a mindless zombie. This was long before I even seen any of these modern zombie-movies, as I'm a child of the early 60's. One day I decided to stop running when I had that dream again, so I did. I let the fog catch up with me and it could not touch me. I walked up to people who'd been zombiefied by the fog and I put my hand on them. Immediately they snapped out of their hypnozis and woke up. I was then let to understand that I was immune and that I was like a virus to the fog that enslaved humanity. After that I never dreamt the dream again. I don't really know what to make of it, but it was a strong message to meet your fears, and not to fear them. After I stopped dreaming this dream I began to dream that aliens had occupied Earth and was controlling and watching everything, causing wars and turmoil at will. They had huge ships above us, that had been cloaked for centuries, that now came out of hiding. That caused great upheaval on the planet and people panicked.

Also that dream I kept having for a very long time, and I still do on occasions. I've heard others talk about this very same dream, so it seems to be a theme, as so many dreams. We seem to pick up the same dreams somewhere and it could be from programs, movies or the ether. Who knows, I don't. The alien ships scared me too alot, and I was feeling fear in these dreams, but one night I decided that since I can fly in the dream world I would just fly up to them and check them out. So I did, and the closer I came, the smaller they got. When I was really close the ship was just a minature and I smacked it right of the sky. That was pretty cartoonish and it made me laugh. I love to fly and be jolly in my dreams and I often want to make others happy and get their dreams fullfilled. In all my dreams there are only a few really sorrowful people that make me want to either punch them in their faces, or just that they'd go away, or even that they were CHANGED into what they could had been if they'd not let themselves loose their true essence and become psychopathic liars. That is the only people in my dreams that are draining to meet - the psychopaths and narcissists. Both the imagined ones, that end up in my dream hell, but also the ones I know in real life. That is so sad they'd done that to themselves, and it did not matter that I "touched them". They still would not wake up!

Queen Angelica - Fairyland Poetry

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