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lördag 30 maj 2015

Honor And Loyalty

This video above is about a father who has shared custody of his 11 year-old child, but who has not been allowed to see his daughter for many years now. His family and ex are working together to ruin his life, threatening him with made up crimes, so he had to flee his state to not end up in prison. But he still fights for having some insight into his daughter's life, who's been so poisoned by the parents of her father and by her mother, so she will not speak to her own dad. She believes he's done all the made up shit they tell her he's done, just like people often do when faced with the blatant lies of these pathological liars. As a father he has a right to know about his daughter. He has a right to go with her and speak to anyone dealing with her health care, but this health professional refuses to speak to him, but instead tries to charge him for coming to a session, he's already been paid for. 

It's a con to try and scare the father away of course, as he knows that father lives in another state and neither is able to go there like that, and cannot afford it either. And it's bloody unfair and unethical to even demand such a thing from a father. All he wants is some insight into why his daughter gone to this guy for "therapy" for three years, and he's not able to get much of an answer. Here you can hear what he get instead, when he's fed up with the procrastinations of this guy. Also, I've checked up this so called "doctor", and the reason he's pissed is cause listeners to the father's videos have found out he does NOT have a doctor degree, but is only a social worker. I went to this "doctor's" google+ account and even there he states he's a doctor. But he refuses to give this father a straight answer about whether he is or isn't and instead he slams the big whammer against the father, threatens him with law suites. 

This is where it all gets very clear, as the father was getting close to the truth. First the "professional doctor" refuses to answer his questions by telling the father he's blocked! I mean, he's treating the daughter of this father and he BLOCKS him for asking questions. That is the first sign that something is terribly wrong with this guy. Then it turns out that the father's prediction that the so called "doctor" was watching his videos were true (he predicts it in the first video, before he finds out the guy had done it). I mean, what normal "doctor" has time to go around and stalk youtube-accounts of their clients parents? That's not normal either. He tells the father he's seen the video in a message that is sent late at night, and tells about his intention to sue the father. Then he sends another message to the father very early at dawn, making it out like his lawyer has told him he has a solid case. 

What lawyer is working like that in the middle of the night? Yet another sign of a con artist, if you ask me. This so called "doctor" is accusing the FATHER of not following the hypocritich oath, which ONLY professionals, like doctors, need to follow. The father is not a doctor, but only a parent, so how is that even logical? It's not, it's just ment to sound good and scare the stupid. Sociopaths and liars always use fancy words to con people into submission. All the reply from this con artist of a "doctor" is spot on EXACTLY what my own narcissist brother is doing to me. Right now there lies a bloody letter in my mail box from that fucktard. He can go and screw himself with all his threats, projections, lies and defamation. He's not deserving of any more empathy from me in this lifetime, nore in the hundreds that is coming. 

Well, I will make bloody sure I don't end up in the same realm as him ever again, but I would not anyway show anyone of his kind any empathy ever again. Such people USE your empathy for their own gains, but NEVER show your any back. He does not care how insulted and hurt I feel for him believing all the lies and crap our baby sister has been spinning about me these last two years. He rather listens to our malignant mother's ramblings then to common sense and reality. He's totally under the spell of these lying cows and he rather believe such envious bullies, then understand that they are not in it to help him out. I and his older brother used to pity him, for his mistake of believing our sister and our mother, but after all hate and viciousness he's shown us we're through pittying him. 

I wrote to him in May 2012, more exactly on the 21st of May, that I wanted nothing more to do with him if he could believe those nasty things about me, that our sister were spewing out. I also sent that mail to our mother, and neither of them replied back, hence confirming they did rather believe the lies, then me. So they can leave me alone. Yes, my mother has also sent me something on the post, which lies and rot in my mailbox. It's most likely a birthday card, where she yet again pretends nothing has happened, that she never recieved that mail from me in 2012, that nothing I've told her were ever told. Like that she should NEVER contact me ever again, unless she was to ask me for forgiveness for believing those lies about me. She refuses to ask for forgiveness, as apparently believing lies about me is not a bad thing. 

She's said she's done nothing towards me, that she never has meddled in the inherence after father. All lies. She's the liar. Shortly after she said that to me she wrote the lawyer and lied that she was married to father, when she was divorced and had lived seperated for a decade when what she was talking about occured. She also lied to him telling him her youngest daughter had not gotten those 344 000 the lawyer KNOWS she has gotten from father. Well, mother didn't know the lawyer knew that, but thanks to her mail to him, he now knows our mother is a bloody liar. Or he's just as dumb as he looks and does not get it yet. In her mail to the lawyer she yet again tried to help our lying sister to con more from the death estate then the rest of us, most of all much more then ME, which was another point I told mother I was very mad at her for. Trying to make me and my children suffer economical loss once again. 

She's caused us so much damage and if she ever helped me out in any way she cried blood over it for years afterwards. She can however give my sister hundreds of thousands, without a second thought, and she's given the narcissist brother tens of thousands, without a problem. But when she's faced with giving me one thousand or less, she cries blood. I'm the one with the four children and she feels bad for helping me out, but not those with only one child each? That is so weird for me to figure out and I hope I never end up to be such a mean cow as she is towards her own flesh and blood. She's been crying over a winter overall she once bought for one of my children, for more then a decade. At the same time she said not a word about the very same piece of clothing she bought for his cousin, the golden son's only child. 

My child had that overall for two full winters up in Scandinavia, where we have long winters. The cousin had the overall for a three weeks vacation here, and then he went back to Florida, where there is no cold winters. Where is the freaking logic of that? Why wasn't she regretting buying the cousin the expensive piece of clothing? Why was she only regretting giving it to a child that truly needed it? That is so sick and so insane my head cannot wrap itself around it. I will never understand these demons. They are disloyal, dishonest and they still think that I will pity them. How insane can a person really get? They make me sick to the stomach, and hearing this therapist's words of threath to this father is just like hearing my brother and his favorite bitches. The same kind of unfounded threats, made up "crimes". The mentioning of how all the listeners on the youtube-channel were ALSO defaming him, the fake "doctor", was just the cream on the cake. 

He's supposed to be a professional, so if he's a doctor he must be able to prove it. To threaten people like this makes him just look like another dumb, greedy narcissist, nothing else. A professional would show his degrees and would stop lying about being a "doctor" if he's not. Which it seems like he's not and the reason he's doing all these threats. My main two liars have also long lists of made up shit they "know", and fake educations. I'm talking about my sister and her con man of a husband here. Of some reason our lawyer, settling the estate, seems impressed with that. As if fake educations and qualifications are impressive, so I'm actually leaning towards him not being as qualified as he makes out he is. I think he also lacks alot of degrees, and does not like people who are highly knowledgable. 

I very early on told the lawyer that my sister and other brother believes that I'm stupid, and that was not true at all. Still the lawyer believed all their tales and concluded I was lying to him, that I indeed was stupid. I'd told him that my husband was highly educated in the fields of law, and still he tried to con me with making up false claims about the law. Which my husband clearly knew was made up bullshit with no base in reality. I checked up everything my husband said and confirmed it. He's kind of a genius, my husband. One of those nerdy, but still cool guys. Asian looking, of course, just like all the really smart ones always are on television. When he was in China the other year people thought he was a really tall chinese. Here he is a really short dark guy, with native roots, and truly dumb people believe that he's an immigrant from a far away country. Just like his father was mistreated by all these rasist biggots in this country.

The truth is that it's my husband and his family of origin that are the rightful natives, and all those tall, blond ones that are the immigrants. The goths have come here in different periods, starting back 3 000 years ago. Before that this was a place with no whites. Yes, you heard me right. There were no whites here for thousands of years after the Ice Age ended. This was a land of the nordic asian type, the same type you find in northern Russia - Siberia - and in North America. The same freaking DNA. However, today most of these people are mixed up with other races, so most natives here have some blue eyes, some green eyes, and some blond hair, or just not black anymore. But my husband have black hair and dark brown, slinted eyes, like a true native. I miss him alot right now, but he'll be back from his trip to Europe soon tomorrow. It's when they are gone you remember how much you love someone. If you feel relief they are gone, you should leave them out of your life for good.

These are the two qualities, honor and loyalty, that I value so much that I would never keep a relationship with a person lacking either of those. These are the qualities only people living with goodness in their souls possess. Those choosing the dark path does not have either. How you will reveal if a person lacks one of these traits you need to look at what they do, what they say is not enough, but you need to look at their actions. Does she laugh with those that insulted you? Does she smirk with envy when you gain attention? Does she take what is not hers and tries to make it your own fault for being robbed? There are many signs that a person is not possessing these qualities, and to keep a bond with a person lacking these is not advisable, if you are living by them. As soon as you find out that a person is undermining you behind your back, you should watch out. That they are searching for relationship advice and talking to friends, are not the issue here.

It's them talking to your relatives, framing you for their own actions, that you should be aware of. Also, if you stand up for them, when they are under attack, and you clearly again and again notice that not only don't they ever speak up in your defence, but they are even helping out to attack you, you should be very wary of such persons. The best thing is to cut all relationships with them, but count on them trying to get you back. Not out of love, or them missing YOU, as the person you truly are, but they will want to harm you further, make you suffer again and again. So they want you back so they can keep shitting their own shit on you, and make you look like what they really are. They need you to be their garbage bin, their scapegoat. There is no love in that, so keep away from these evildoers.

Queen Angelica - Fairyland Poetry

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