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lördag 11 januari 2014

Finding the Gates of Moria

On my new channel Queen Angelica have I now put up a video, made with stolen film, music and text. The only authentically mine in that video is the voice with which I read the text. I choosed this sequence of the film mostly cause of it's colour. It's the colour of my channel graphics. The colour of moonlit night. A blue and green light which is not really real, as I've seen no night like this. But it's beautiful and the movie LoTR has used this colour on many night scenes, like the one with Galadriel where she is tempted by power. The reason I choose that image is cause I was once tempted very much like that in a dream by a group of very convinsing humans, who begged me to join them. They had found great power from joining the demonic forces and were now promissing immence powers if I only did like them, and joined them. I said to them that I will not, and they found me stupid and weak for refusing. I told them I rather died then joined them in what they had become. And they looked in despise to me, laughed at me, cause who'd rather die then have their rich and powerful lives? I then backed until I came to the end of where I was standing, and behind me was a great abyss, and I let myself back into the nothingness. They all gasped with astonishment over my enormous stupidity. They could not believe someone was so dumb they'd rather commit suicide like that then join them in their joy of great powers over others. But I did not fall. I hang in mid air and they gasped again of bewilderment. 

Why would I not fall? How could I not fall? Cause even if they had such great powers, the greatest they knew of on this earth, they could not hang in mid air like that. Then I unfolded and let them see my huge wings, the wings of an arch angel. And I said I need not your power cause with me are a force even greater and to that your so called powers are minute. They now raised towards me in both rage and terror. They needed to kill me before they would realize what this ment - that they'd been conned to give up their true powers for the false. I told them they would not be able to and I gently raised my hand and they all flew back in a pile. Not hurting themselves, but helpless against the true force of nature and love. The powers they'd sold themselves out to was the selfish powers of greed and stamping on others to gain position on others suffering. That is the powers of destruction and will lead you to hate. That is, hate will follow you like a shadow of night from all you've robbed, cheated on and hurt on your way to gain power and riches. The hate will become your aura, you will breath the hate every day of your life. And neither you believe it or not, the curses of those you've hurt will for every day gain greater strength until the day of reckoning arrives. That day you will not want to meet, but it's the destiny of those that choose the lesser power of the demons over the greater force of the angels. That was the message of the dream. And was it a strong one of good over bad, of karma that will never be tricked by the trixter and always find it's way to those who've created it.

So that is why Galadriels test feels special to me, and since she pass and rejects that kind of power she is the one I wanted to use to symbolize my elven self. And then I for fun took a test on what character in the story I was most like and scored that it was Galadriel. Just like I like to be, tall and blond, she is too. I feel like I should have blue eyes and long blond hair, but of some reason in this life I choose a less like body then what I truly am. In my memory I downloaded into this realm from the great blue beyond this matrix, where when we look down on this place there is really a very blue shimmer around it, and we're downloaded through a blue tunnel, down into the womb of the woman, the stargate from which we arrive into this pityful world we call earth. But on another plane all is different and here we are only playing a part. In a twinkling of an eye that part might change, forgotten and gone. Nothing beyond of this play will be left. It only plays a role while we are here. To most that is a terrible truth, but it is still the truth. We never can die, but we shed the role we have in that body and all attachments are severed. To reconnect we need to focus our attention, truly want to get back to what we were in our bodies. The ghosts left behind are those who find it easier to play the role then to leave all behind. They are trapped in our plane without bodies. It's a very dreadful place to be for too long, and many stuck that way hold on to much rage due to this attachement to the game, which is physical life. That's why ghosts can attack people, but it's quite rare. Most will be joyful to leave this pityful place and go back home. Most people don't want to hurt others to gain fortunes and power and those will find it easier to go home whence their journey is over. The shedding of their physical body will be a joy compared to those that hold too much bonds to this place in the form of Karma. Some people claim children means Karma, but that is pure nonsens. Karma is hurt you've caused to others, energy that are not resolved and in disharmony. Unless you've been a rotten, hateful parent your bonds with your child should be peaceful and full of gratefulness and harmonious energies, after a lifetime of care and love shared between you. 

So we arrive to this place when we are still in the womb of our mothers and at that moment we are born, so in that way it's easy to see how one could look at the womb as some sort of a stargate from which we can travel from the heavenly realms, which is what it looks like before we are downloaded in here. Like some kind of outer space in a deeply clear blue nuance, shimmering in many other blues. I've also recieved a scientifically explaination to this experience as this blue is the colour of what is holding our matrix together actually has. Hearing that made me realize it was truly our matrix I had seen and the tremendous pain I felt as I was squezzed down the blue long tunnel was the pain as I was pressed down the birth cannal. But the initial pain of getting pushed into the tunnel to start with I still would put on my first explaination, which was more a memory then an analyze of what was most believable. In that memory I felt it was ME being split away until only a small portion, so tiny it could fit into this body, was pushed into the blue tunnel. At the end of the tunnel the pain of this procedure gets almost unbearable, and I believe now it's due to the actual narrowness of the birth cannal and the tremendous pain suffered by babies when they are born. The birth is a terrible way to enter this place and perhaps ment to traumatize us enough to make us easy to program. One could ponder that thought.

Hope you enjoy my video, though I warn you it's totally pointless. There is no deeper meaning in it and the text is only there cause it speaks of Moria. 

Queen Angelica - Fairyland Poetry